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  • Project Task Force
  • Concepts & Direction: Mohamed Mekkawi.
  • Code Development: André Mekkawi; Stephen Lynn.
  • Flash Design & Production: Stephen Lynn.
  • Video Production: Jim Brown; Stephen Lynn; WHUR-FM; WHUT-TV.
  • Text: Mohamed Mekkawi; Howard Magazine; Howard University Publications; The Hilltop; Dean of the Chapel; Shelley Stokes-Hammond; Office of Residence Life; Office of Financial Aid; Courtney Eiland; Timothy McDougle.
  • Photography: André Mekkawi; Ron Cesar; Mohamed Mekkawi; Marlene Hawthrone/Obsidian Eye Photo; Bison Yearbook; Gallery of Art; Moorland-Spingarn Research Center; Charles Gibbs; Office of Residence Life; Office of Intercollegiate Athletics; Department of Theatre Arts; Cramton Auditorium; Bobby Broughton; HU fraternities and sororities; Tanya Hutchins; Jo Rizzo/Hillier.
  • Photography, 360-degree Immersive : André Mekkawi.
  • Art Images: Gallery of Art; Moorland-Spingarn Research Center; Chinweizu Owunwanne; Paul Onakoya; Munyiri Kamau; Jessica Battle; Victoria Makinde; Marlon Mejias; Mohamed Mekkawi; Melissa Dagher; Scott Baker.
  • Music: Fred Irby III/HU Jazz Ensemble; Howard University Choir; Howard University Community Choir; Howard University Marching Band; Afro Blue Choir; Library of Congress; Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.
  • Students: Ndidi Patience-Amadi; James Carpenter; Jasmine Carter; Shirley Elianor-Rislin; Vance Henderson; Damien Robinson; Samika Boyd.
  • Network Support: ISAS; Library Systems.
  • Task Force Consultants: Thomas Battle; Tritobia Benjamin; Franklin Chambers; Jannette Dates; Jennifer James-Pryor; Chi Chong Lee; Charles Moore; Joseph Reidy; Bernard L. Richardson; Vasant Telang; Alvin Thornon.
  • Research: Shelley Stokes-Hammond; Arthuree Wright.