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Howard iTunes U Site Is a New Learning Experience
By Criscia Dawson, intern, Office of University Communications
Trina Coleman, Ph.D., executive director for technology, and Anthony Njoku, IT systems analyst and iTunes U site administrator are leading efforts for the new site. - Ceasar

The Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group recently launched the Howard University site on iTunes U, joining dozens of colleges and universities across the world that use the Apple media site. ITunes U is an interactive platform that allows universities to distribute content for classes, campus life and events.

“This is a way for Apple to support the learning environment, while allowing Howard an opportunity to display its rich legacy,” says Trina Coleman, Ph.D., executive director for technology.

Since its launch in 2007, iTunes U has featured content from universities worldwide, surpassing 300 million downloads in 2010. Content for the app is presented in different forms of media—PDFs, presentations, audio, ePub books, iBooks and iPhone apps—and allows professors to capture lectures, and manage and distribute course content. “This helps brand the University and also shows the world the good things that are happening at Howard.”

“Apple iTunes U can provide a platform where students can refer to class content before or after class,” Coleman says. “They can review material and replay it and pick up on things they may not have understood during the actual lecture time.”

But, she adds, “It is not meant to replace the classroom lecture; it is meant to enhance it.”

Howard’s new site will not only focus on courses; a “Collections” section will highlight events and culture at Howard. There are currently 10 collections on the site: Howard University School of Law, Number 44: Barack Obama, Great Speakers at Howard, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, Athletics, Words of Faith from President Sidney A. Ribeau, Ph.D., Radio Production, Howard University Hospital, Hilltop Life and Scholastic Competition.

Coleman plans to hold a meeting in the upcoming months for faculty members who are interested in incorporating iTunes U into their classroom. Coleman reassures faculty members who might be reluctant to use the platform.

“I want to engage the faculty first,” Coleman says. “For those who aren’t quite ready, we will work to determine the best way to get them up to speed so that if they want to use the platform they won’t be limited because of their technical skills.  Furthermore, the service is available for both Mac and PC users.”

Coleman hopes to reach out to the entire Howard community with iTunes U, including prospective students and alumni. She wants professors to not only get involved on an individual level, but to also think about content and events to upload to the Collections series.

“This helps brand the University and also shows the world the good things that are happening at Howard,” Coleman says.

To access Howard University iTunes U , download iTunes from the Apple website. Go to the iTunes store, click on the iTunes U tab and click on the Universities and Colleges tab. Scroll down, click on Howard University and begin a new learning experience.
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