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E. Ethelbert Miller Voices from the Hill
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E. Ethelbert Miller: Prolific Writer and Tireless Mentor
Before he became the person the Washington Post called “the most influential person” in the area’s arts community, E. Ethelbert Miller was a typical student. In his critically acclaimed memoir, Fathering Words, he speaks candidly about his days as an undergraduate at Howard University, from the frustrations of dorm life and failing economics class to his decision to change his major and become a writer. It’s a decision he has stuck with through the years and one that has brought him critical acclaim, peer recognition and personal fulfillment as the author of 10 books, most of them anthologies. read more...
Howard University Choir x Haile Gerima x Arne Duncan, Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Ed.  
Howard University
Embarks on Trip to China

The Howard University
Choir has traveled all over the world to perform—from Libreville, Gabon to Davos, Switzerland, and the list continues to grow.
Excellence at Howard
Haile Gerima, professor, Department of Radio,
Television and Film
Professor and award-
winning independent filmmaker, has made a
major splash in prestigious film festivals throughout
the world with his latest
film, “Teza.”
University News
Arne Duncan, Secretary
of the U.S. Department of Education, underscored the need for a solid education
for all Americans...

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