Howard History Quiz

Thank you to everyone who participated in January’s quiz and congratulations to the winners, who answered both questions correctly:

Lenda P. Hill

Lawson Warner

Mary Pitman

Ruby Gourdine

Laura Harris-Hurd

President Emeritus James Cheek was Howard’s president during the establishment of WHUR and WHUT.

Alvin Thornton, Ph.D, is the chair of President Ribeau’s new academic commission.

Now it’s your turn to test your knowledge. The first five people to respond correctly to the following questions will receive a Howard University hat. Remember, both answers must be correct to qualify. Please send your response to

In what year did President Lyndon B. Johnson deliver his famous civil rights speech, “To Fulfill These Rights,” at Howard?

The U.S. Navy recently named a ship after what Howard surgeon and blood pioneer.

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