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“What can I, as a member of the Howard community, do to help improve the institution?”

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Voices from the Hill

Thank you to everyone who answered this month’s “Voices From the Hill” question. Below are the responses to the following: "As we work together to improve Howard University and renew its legacy, what can I, as a member of the Howard community, do to help improve the institution?”

As a member of the Howard community, I can help to improve the institution first by being the very best that I can be as a staff member, parent and student of the university. I hold all three positions, as I am a decade old staff member, a Human Development major, a part-time student and a parent of two senior Howard students. I have learned that all lasting improvement begins with me first. Just as negativism and complacency are contagious, so can be a spirit of excellence in all that we do. I personally set my goals to serve every faculty, student, staff and visitors in a manner that I would want to be served. This would include all types of services, from offering assistance to someone who may be lost on campus, to perhaps producing reports and information for upper administration in a manner that is both excellent and exemplary. Howard is “our” institution and fostering an attitude where we take pride, first in “who we are” and secondarily in the work that we produce and also in how we treat and serve others will foster lasting improvement to the institution on numerous fronts.  
As a member of the Office of Institutional Assessment “team,” I must also suggest that all stakeholders, students, staff, faculty and parents, alumni and even upper administration must take seriously the opportunities that are afforded us to participate in the numerous ongoing surveys that are offered here on campus. This is a medium by which we can all have our voices heard in a way that will produce lasting change and improvement to university services, programs and facilities. “Cultivating a Culture of Assessment” is our mantra in the Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation, where we seek to gather, present and ultimately use data collected from students, staff, faculty and parents to inform and assist upper administration in “assessment-driven decision making,” that will serve to improve our institution. Our job is a challenging and rewarding part of the university’s overall efforts to improve in all areas. We are proud and take seriously the part that we play, in the growing revolution toward improvement and refining of all university services and programs.
— Ruth C. Franks, Administrative Assistant IV, Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation

As a member of the Howard community, an alumna and the parent of a Bison, the legacy continues with the Class of 2013. I have instilled in my daughter the importance of her being here, which is not by chance but for purpose. She is already giving of her time to service organizations and university committees because she knows that to whom much is given, much is expected. Only the committed will improve the Mecca. Get committed.

— Lenda P. Hill, associate editor, The Journal of Negro Education

Set high expectations for students and work with them every day to meet those expectations.

Lawrence N. Kaggwa, professor, Department of Journalism, John H. Johnson School of Communications

WE need to recycle.

Cheryl Green, University Advancement

You still have an opportunity to weigh in on this month’s “Voices from the Hill” question—“What can I, as a member of the Howard community, do to help improve the institution? Please e-mail your response to and we will publish it in a future issue of Capstone.

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