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Battle of the Bulge: Workplace Wellness Program Launches at HU

The new, leaner Kevin Campbell has slowed down on the mayo—way down. He makes all of his sandwiches with mustard, even his tuna fish sandwiches.

“It may sound weird, but believe it or not it’s delicious,” says Campbell, a 47-year-old HVAC technician at Howard University Hospital (HUH). “Mustard has zero calories so you can almost eat as much as you want.”

Campbell lost 42 pounds in this summer’s Employee Weight Loss Challenge at HUH. Due to Campbell’s and other participants’ success, an expanded version of the program launched this fall.
A Goal Line Stand for Health
“How do we promote mental health and prevent mental illness?”

This was one of the main questions addressed during a health forum held last month in the Blackburn Center.
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Excellence at Howard
Barbara Hines, Ph.D., professor and director of graduate studies in Mass Communication and Media Studies, was named the David Adams Jounalism Educator of the Year by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
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University News
“Mixing Metaphors: The Aesthetic, the Social and the Political in African American Art” will be on exhibit at the Howard University Gallery of Art (Childers Hall, 2455 6th St.) through Dec. 17. The works are from the Bank of America Collection.
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