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Student Registration Procedures for the Howard University Career Services Office (CSO)

Step 1

Visit the Career Services Office and familiarize yourself with the services, procedures, hours of operation, and location of the Howard University Career Services Office (CSO).

We are located at 525 Bryant St. N.W. (corners of 6th and Bryant St – Howard Bldg.# 19) C.B. Powell Bldg – 2nd Floor –West wing, Washington DC 20059.
Telephone: (202)-806-7513, Fax: 202.462.4267, E-mail address:

REGISTER online through our web-based software - HU MonsterTRAK. This is done by completing the following steps:

  1. From any computer, go to HU MonsterTRAK, having located the site you will click on the Post Resume/Register button.

  2. Highlight your school (Howard University) in the list of College and University Career Centers OR in the list of Graduate Schools & MBA Programs (Do Not highlight a school from both lists) and scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your school password.

  3. Upon entering your password - Click on [Submit]

  4. Perform the following:

    - Fill out the five pages, which include Contact Information, Educational Information, Employment preferences, Demographic Information, and Login Information.

    - Make a note of your user name and user password because you will need this information for future entry into your account on the system.

    NOTE: The system will email you a confirmation of our user name and user password.

    - You must then upload your resume or enter it as text. Follow the on-line prompts to complete this procedure.

    - Be as thorough as possible in entering the required information, as this on-line registration process is the precursor to signing up for the interviews through RecruitTRAK (formerly InterviewTRAK), utilizing career assessment tool(s), and searching electronically for job and internship opportunities targeted for Howard University students through our web based medium HU MonsterTRAK & RecruitTRAK (all powered by MonsterTRAK).

Step 2

Pick up additional instructions (once they become available) that orient you in satisfying the requirements for our highly recommended Credential File Services pilot program. This file should be completed and maintained EVERY semester while attending Howard University. More information on this initiative will be provided at a later date.
- You can access these services through our Career Services Office website or

-You may contact the Career Services Office at 202-806-7513 for assistance with on-line registration for HU MonsterTRAK and RecruitTRAK.

- It is extremely important to provide feedback and maintain contact with this office with regards to any successes and/or failures that you may have experienced while recruiting through our office. It assists us in re-defining our office and its operations to better serve ALL of our clients.


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