Getting to Howard University

Best Practices Worksheet

Visibility and Targeted Relationship Management is Key

Howard students are exposed to many excellent organizations throughout the year. Many of our employer partners assertively pursue and have established an ongoing relationship with students, faculty and staff through direct and personal participation in career development activities on campus.

Some Best Practices We Recommend:

  • Establish a well coordinated internal effort with all participating recruiters and corporate units within your organization. We recommend having one primary contact person who is aware of all of your corporate efforts on at Howard University.

  • Conduct meetings with all key Howard stakeholders to review partnership strategies, and expectations.

  • Participate in career fairs, career week activities, networking receptions, and relevant campus activities.

  • Provide posters advertising positions and activities sponsored by your organization on campus. Advertise your career and internship opportunities through our office and our partnership with

  • Provide scholarships opportunities to targeted student populations.

  • Sponsor visible career development initiatives, activities, and job search tools. All sponsored efforts are clearly identified to recognize your support.

  • Establish a designated student liaison with targeted student organizations.

  • Invite students to your corporate offices for an orientation of your organization, dialogue with current staff.

  • Facilitate career and professional development training to increase visibility and develop relationships with targeted student populations.

  • Develop a relationship with the University Advancement Office to assist with relationship management, support, and in managing the most effective usage of corporate gifts.

  • Send an informational binder outlining career opportunities in your organization. We will house this binder in our Career Resources Library for student review.

  • We also recommend videos or CDs which can be viewed in our Career Resources Library.

  • Advertise in campus publications like the Career Services Manual, Hilltop Newspaper, Community News, and our monthly Career Passport Newsletter which are popular with students and faculty. The Hilltop (202) 806-6866, The Community News (202)806-5511. Call the Career Services Office telephone number is (202) 806.7513.

  • Sponsor student participation at conferences and other professional development events of their interest.

  • Invite targeted student organizations to participate in "experient?al projects" to review and provide solutions to "real" organizational issues.

  • Link your organization to our Career Services Website. Advertise in the Career Services Website.

  • Write career development articles in campus publications such as our Career Passport News Letter, and the Hilltop. Showcase successful alumni in your organization at on-campus activities.

  • Sponsor day trips, and shadowing activities. Adopt student organizations with targeted student groups.

  • These efforts could include mentoring and coaching students, delivering career and professional development training, and providing refreshments at meetings.

We hope that this list will give you some ideas on strategies to develop your partnership with our office. If you have any questions or would like to discuss partnership strategies for your organization.