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Networking on the Internet can be very valuable in your job search. E-networking, which combines traditional networking with the power of the Internet, allows for the creation of a virtual community of contacts that can provide critical information on job leads and industry trends. The following sites can help you in your e-networking efforts: www.wetfeet.com and www.fastcompany.com/community. There are several advantages to e-networking:
  • No need to pick up a telephone and speak to a stranger.
  • Usually results in a quick response to your inquiry.
  • Allows simplicity in managing a circle of new contacts.
  • Most importantly, everyone with an email address is available to you.
Here are some guidelines to follow when using an e-network strategy:
  • Cast a wide net-attempt to reach numerous contacts in different fields. You never know when a marketing executive might know the right person for you to contact in human resources.
  • Identify yourself and what you are trying to accomplish when you reach an e-network contact.
  • Be upfront and honest during all e-networking correspondence. Even though you may never meet face-to-face or even speak on the phone, these are still significant business contacts.
  • At all times, maintain a professional and respectful tone. Email tends to make individuals more casual in their communication with strangers, but do remember that you are trying to make a good impression.
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