Kimberly L. Jones, Ph.D. Professor and Chair
2300 Sixth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20059
Phone: (202) 806-6570; Fax: (202) 806-5271; e-mail: kljones@howard.edu

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Taft H. Broome, Jr., SC.D., George Washington University

Structural mechanics; structural analysis of large space structures, nuclear plants, and naval deep submersibles; philosophy of engineering, and engineering ethics. 806-7737

Robert E. Efimba, P.E., Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Associate Professor

Structural mechanics; computer-aided structural engineering; finite-element models in biomechanics and equilibrium, stability and dynamic analysis of building frame shearwall systems, stiffened and/or folded plates and shells. 806-6574
Lorraine Fleming, Ph.D., P.E., University of California-Berkeley
Geotechnical engineering; experimental soil mechanics; cyclic temperature effects on soil permeability; modeling of fluid transport through soil and modeling of soil-structure interaction; engineering education. 806-6576
Charles C. Glass, Ph.D., University of Colorado
Associate Professor
Environmental engineering; De-nitrification of wastewater and industrial wastes; anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste; microbiological treatment of waste and the gases; environmental policy. 806-6571
James H. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., DEE, University of Delaware
Professor & Dean Emeritus
Environmental engineering; solid-liquid separation techniques, sludge treatment, biodegradation of hazardous wastes, and beneficial aspects of wastewater sludge; engineering education and academic administration. 806-6577
Kimberly L. Jones, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Professor and Chair
Environmental engineering; membrane processes, physical/chemical processes for water and wastewater treatment. 806-4807
Claudia Marin, Ph.D., P.E., State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
Assistant Professor
Seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems, computational mechanics, behavior of structural systems, performance-based design, large-scale testing, simplified structural procedures, seismic evaluation and retrofit of bridges and buildings, structural systems for electrical infrastructure 806-6580
Errol C. Noel, Ph.D., P.E., University of Maryland
Transportation engineering; traffic operations, intelligent transportation systems, highway safety, and highway engineering. 806-6199
Ahlam I. Shalaby, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Associate Professor
Water resources engineering; water supply, food control, open channel flow, hydraulic systems design, statistics. 806-5055
Gajanan Sabnis, Ph.D., Cornell University
Emeritus Professor
Construction management, structural systems, concrete design. (301)879-3733
Tori Rhoulac Smith, Ph.D.,, North Carolina State University
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Transportation engineering; transportation systems engineering, school transportation systems, intelligent transportation systems, empirical model development. 806-6572
Brian A. Stephenson, P.E., M.S., Stanford University
Adjunct Professor
Engineering Project Management; structural engineering, project scheduling.
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