Faculty Profiles

Clayton W. Bates, Ph.D.
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
2400 Sixth St, NW Washington, DC 20059
(202) 806-6147

Ph.D., Physics, Washington University-St. Louis, 1996
M.E., Harvard University

Solid-State Physics; Optical and Electronic Transport Properties of Metal-Semiconductor Nano-phase Composite Systems


  • A. Rahman, C.W. Bates, Jr. "Microstructural and electronic transport properties Pt-Si films," published in Materials Letters , May 1999.
  • A. Rahman, W. Lowe and C.W. Bates, Jr. "The use of reliability factors in analyzing powder patterns in Pt-Si sputtering targets and subsequent films," J. Mater Res. 13(6), 1517 (1998).
  • C.W. Bates, Jr. and Q.Y. Chen. "Factors affecting the optical behavior of metal-semiconductor composites," J. Applied Physics 81(3) , 1457(1997).
  • C.W. Bates, Jr. "Preparation of metal-semiconductor composite films by chemical spray pyrolysis," Materials Letters 30 , 87(1997).
  • C.W. Bates, Jr. "Detection of optical radiation in the 8-12 m range using Ag - CuInSe2 composites", Materials Letters 29 , 63(1996)


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