Board of Visitors

Chairperson: Mr. Gerald D. Prothro
Contact Person: Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr.

In 1999, at the direction of the Howard University Board of Trustees, Howard President H. Patrick Swygert established a Board of Visitors for each school and college. Mr. Gerald Prothro, a member of the Howard University Board of Trustees, is chair of the Board. The Board of Visitors crafted the following mission and vision statements at their first meeting in October 2002. The mission of the Board of Visitors is to develop a constructive working relationship with the administration and faculty of the CEACS while understanding the role of the CEACS in the overall structure of the University and the national arena of engineering, architecture and computer science education. The BOV should provide an informed perspective on the long and short-range objectives, the strengths and weaknesses, status in comparison to peer units, needs and recommendations for improvement of the College. The vision of the Board of Visitors is to provide assessment, particularly in relation to peer institutions and support for fundraising and development goals of the CEACS to raise the performance indicators in the areas of education, and service.

  • Dr. Dereje Agonafer,* Professor and Director, Electronic, MEMS and Telecommunication Systems Packaging Center, The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Dr. Tesfaye Aklilu, VP-Quality, United Technology Corporation
  • Dr. Allen R. Atkins, VP-Technology and Defined Processes, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company
  • Mr. Gary A. Bowden (FAIA), Professor of Practice, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, University of Maryland (College Park)
  • Mr. Joseph Cleveland, President, Lockheed Martin, Enterprise Information Systems
  • Mr. Robert Engram,* CEO, One University Gate, Inc.
  • Mr. Jerome Gibbs, Executive Director, Product Development Quality, GM North Amer­ica, General Motors Corporation
  • Mr. Frederick Gregory, Deputy Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Ms. Michele Hagans,* President, Fort Lincoln Realty Company
  • Dr. Delon Hampton, Chief Executive Officer, Delon Hampton and Associates
  • Mr. Willie Leftwich,* Esq.
  • Mr. Edward Small, President, J.A. Jones/Tompkins Builders
  • Mr. Gerald D. Prothro,* Senior Vice President, Technology, BroadStream
  • Dr. James H. Johnson,* Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences

(*) Asterisk denotes Howard alumni

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