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February 10, 2004: Charles D. Moody (B.Arch'81),
President and CEO of C.D. Moody Company
Visits Howard to Make $100,000 Gift
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Taking time from his busy schedule as CEO and president of C.D. Moody Construction to practice what he preaches, Howard alumni Charles D. Moody has been no stranger to Howard in the past several months. Charles Moody believes all Howard University alumni need to give back to alma mater—and when he talks about it, he compels you to envision the difference that a $2500 annual contribution by each alumnus would make. (If you do the math $2,500 x 60,000— approximate number of living alumni—$150,000,000.) More scholarships, more students, more programs and better facilities.

Moody believes it’s possible. And even if the $2,500 figure isn’t possible, he believes that alumni could give $1,000 every year if they made it a habit. As he says, “It’s a personal joy for me to give back to Howard.” He even believes that it’s important to remember Howard in your will—through estate planning—when you are no longer here to make sure your dreams for this great institution are thriving. (James E. Silcott and the late Lucien Rich are two College alumni who have done this.) He continues, “Many people have put money into the School over their lifetime—others gave for you and for me to be able to earn a degree and achieve great things in life. I think it is only fair and the right thing to do--to give back—and it has to be from your heart.” Moody attended Morehouse College and received his B.Arch. in 1981 from Howard University.

Thus, on February10, 2004, Moody visited his alma mater to present Howard President H. Patrick Swygert a $100,000 gift. Also present, were Moody’s guests Congresswoman Denise Majette (D. –Georgia), Judge Harry Edwards, and Ms. Patricia Bell-Payton as well as University officials for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences and University Advancement. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the University presented Moody with a duplicate degree and a Howard University chair.

Moody strongly believes in the spiritual power of giving, emphasizing that all his service to Howard has given him pleasure-- speaking at career days, participating in the College’s Student Leadership Institute in 2003, his establishment of the C.D.Moody/Harry G. Robinson Endowed Fund In Architecture, as well as his generous $100,000 gift to establish “The CD Moody Fund for Support of the Architecture Program.” Of these funds, $10,000 will be used to conduct “The Design Master Lecture” on Howard’s campus, and $90,000 will be applied to the renovation of two studios in the Howard K. Mackey Building –subsequently, they will be named “C.D. Moody Studio I” and “C.D. Moody Studio II.”

Although Moody originally embarked on the professional path of architecture, he found more freedom and happiness in working outdoors which led him to pursue his interest in construction and establishing his own company. In April 2003, C.D. Moody Construction celebrated 15 years of successful operation (to learn more, visit Over this period, Moody Construction has built and remodeled ten churches and has been a joint venture partner on 50 major projects throughout the Southeastern United States. In addition to schools, the company has built numerous civic projects including post offices, fire stations, airport mall areas at Atlanta Hartsfield, performance centers, medical centers and libraries. Moody’s first historic renovation project was the original Grady Hospital (built in 1892) on Coca-Cola Place and Jessie Hill in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both on his website and in his company newsletter—C.D. Moody Blueprint News—Moody is refreshingly open and enthusiastic in unabashedly thanking and praising God, family, employees and clients as well as those who went before and paved the way. Affirming that his learning modus operandi has always been through trial and error, he shared the following “lessons learned” that serve as his credo:

• Never lie
• Always have integrity
• Always have character
• Never do anything immoral or unethical
• Be happy in what you do
• Never let money be the reason to do anything
• Build wealth and pass it down through generations
• Train your children to follow these precepts

The parting words of the CEO and president of C.D. Moody were intended for the ears of HBCU alumni: “All of you who went to Black Colleges, you have to leave behind the bad things—dorms without heat, lousy food—and concentrate on the good things that you took away – your education and the opportunity to create a life and a career. All this comes with maturity. There are other things to remember as well. Vote in every election, remember--those who put their life on the line. We simply cannot forget our history.”

Inspiring thoughts from a successful and generous man—appropriate at any time—but especially during Black History Month.

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