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Global Sullivan Principles of
Social Responsibility
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“The Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan reminds us and inspires us to reach back into our communities… and pull others up with us as well. Dr. Sullivan had an unselfish burning desire to lead and impact the lives of others.”


L. Troy Niskey, Ph.D.

On Thursday, September 26, 2002, Dr. L. Troy Niskey led the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences in its annual tribute to the Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan with a lecture on the Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility. Dr. Sullivan’s principles on higher education include: Equity, Democratization, Diversity Development

The Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility reflect a code of conduct designed to promote human rights for all workers and provide a framework that supports economic, social and political justice by companies, institutions and organizations. Dr. Sullivan’s principles compelled many of the students to evaluate the impact of their lives and career goals on the greater community.

To learn more about the Global Sullivan Principles which Howard University president H. Patrick Swygert has endorsed, e-mail Dr. Niskey, principal investigator and faculty mentor, at

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