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Co-op Resume Template

This is the latest version of the Co-Op Resume Template. It is in Microsoft Word for the PC 6.0 format, and can also be used with later versions of Word for the PC. It can also be used in Word 6.0 or later for the Mac.

If you are using Netscape on a PC, right-click on the "Co-Op Resume Template" link below. From the menu that pops up, choose "Save link as". When the "Save as..." navigation box comes up, choose a directory and file name, and click on "Save".

If you are using Netscape on a Mac, click on the "Co-Op Resume Template" link below and hold down the button. From the menu that pops up, choose "Save this link as...". When the navigation box comes up, choose a directory and file name, and click on "Save".

Co-op Resume Template

Guide To Completing The Co-op Resume Template

1. Use the mouse to click the cursor on the section of the form for your name. Begin entering your personal information. Remember to save your file often during typing.

2. DO NOT USE THE TAB KEY to move to the next section. You must use the mouse or the arrow key to move to the next section. If you type over existing words on the form, they will be deleted.

3. The form is set to word-wrap. If your information will not fit in the box and you have come to the end of the line, just keep typing. The computer will push the information onto the next line for you.

A dotted line across the page indicates the page break. If the word-wrap has pushed your information off the bottom of the page, you will need to follow these steps to delete some blank rows from the resume. Remember to save your file first before trying this!

A. Use the mouse to highlight the rows that need to be deleted.

B. Go to the "Format" menu and select "Table Layout".

C. A box appears. Click the mouse on the circle for ROWS and click on delete button.

If this deletes the wrong section, immediately go to the EDIT menu and select UNDO and try again (see 2b). If there are no blank rows for you to delete, you may need to shorten your statements to 2 or 3 lines each.

4. MISTAKES. If you have made a simple typing mistake, you can either hit the delete key and it will delete one letter at a time or you can highlight the mistake using the mouse and then hit the delete key to delete entire words or sentences.

5. If you have accidentally deleted a portion of the form or made some other editing error, immediately go to the "Edit" menu and select "Undo". This will revert back to the previous version (before the last save). If you have really messed up the form, just start over by opening the template again.

6. After completing the form, save the document.

7. Run the spell check. Click the cursor before your name on the resume form. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Spelling". A box will appear and prompt you to respond to questions regarding spelling. You have 3 options each time:

A. Click on the ignore box.

B. Choose one of the suggested spellings and double click on it.

C. Retype the word.

After the spell check is complete, save the document again.

8. Proof your resume.

A. Fonts. All of the things you typed in should be in a bold font. If they are not, you may need to try again, or change the font.

B. All the blanks filled in. Double check to make sure that you didn't miss anything on the form.

C. Fits on 2 pages. If your first page does not fit, please see the instructions (1c) on deleting rows.

D. Looks like the sample form. Does it have the black banner across the top? Does it have each section as shown on the sample?

9. Print and double check for mistakes.

Copies of your resume should be one page, back-to-back. Do not sign the original resume and make copies of your signature. All copies should have an original signature.

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