Facility Description

The Howard University Health Sciences Clinical Skills Center is approximately 5,000 sq feet. It includes 10 examination rooms, an observation room, master control room, conference room, and break area. The examination rooms are used to simulate patient encounters for teaching, practice, and assessment of clinical skills such as history taking, physical examination, communication, professionalism, etc. Standardized Patients (SPs) are used as professional patients for these encounters. SPs are lay persons from the community coached to portray a patient with a medical illness. The observation room is designed for faculty to observe learners in real time. They can provide learners with onsite immediate feedback.

Moreover, the technology within the Clinical Skills Center is a web-based digital solution which allows faculty to capture, debriefing and assessment of these encounters. The video allows the faculty to assess the learners and provide feedback but most importantly it allows learners the opportunity to self-assess their skills. The master control room is the central location for managing the technology.