Curriculum Development

The Howard University Health Sciences Clinical Skills Center provides support in developing and integrating into SP simulation courses within the framework of specific program objectives. Interested faculty will meet with the Director to begin the curriculum development. The process includes developing SP cases, checklists, rubrics and other associated materials needed for the course. Curriculum development in simulation follows the standard education framework: assess (analyze), design, develop, implement and evaluate. The instructional design should include in what context the activity will take place, what are the goals and learning objectives, what is/are the learning content (steps), how will the activity be assessed, who will facilitate the activity and what obstacles may be anticipated. The selection of the best type of simulator(s), how simulators should be used, and the knowledge and skills required to maximize learning is very important to the successful use of simulation in teaching. After an education activity is designed and methods are determined, then a dress rehearsal activity will be run to refine and finalize the activity before the actual learners experience the event. After the actual simulation event, the entire process is evaluated by seeking feedback from the learners, faculty, and any other participants.

Clinical Skills Center Interest Form

Please complete the Clinical Skills Center Interest Form. Please include a brief description of the proposed simulation activity in the space provided. This information will provide us with insight as to the goal for your simulation activity. After review of the Clinical Skills Center Interest Form, you will receive the Service Request Form to describe the course activity in more detail.