Prospective Standardized Patients

The Howard University Health Sciences Clinical Skills Center is seeking individuals to hire and train to become Standardized Patients to participate in educational activities for healthcare professionals. Standardized Patients (SPs) are individuals who are trained to portray a patient with a specific condition in a realistic, standardized and repeatable way (where portrayal/presentation varies based only on learner performances). SPs can be used for teaching and assessment of learners including but not limited to history/consultation, physical examination and other clinical skills in simulated clinical environments. SPs can also be used to give feedback and evaluate student performance. (Association of Standardized Patient Educators [ASPE], n.d.). In performing the simulation, the SP presents the gestalt of the patient being simulated; not just the history, but the body language, the physical findings, and the emotional and personality characteristics as well.

Individuals interested must

  • Demonstrate a healthy perspective of healthcare
  • Demonstrate commitment to the education of health professionals
  • Demonstrate acting skills to realistically portray a patient with a medical illness
  • Demonstrate the ability read, comprehend and recall information
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to work cooperatively with learners, faculty, and administrators

SPs are hired on a part-time as needed basis. SPs are compensated for participation. For more information, complete the SP Interest form. The form will automatically be e-mailed to the Clinical Skills Center. Prospective SPs with additional questions can e-mail