About us

The Howard University Cyber-Security Education and Research Center (CERC) was established in 2010. It is a multi-disciplinary center led by professors from the Department of Information Systems in the School of Business and the Department of Systems and Computer Science, with participation of faculty the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department of Mathematics, and the School of Law. The objective of CERC is to provide an avenue for education and research in information assurance, computer network security, digital forensics, cryptography, risk assessment and mitigation, disaster recovery and management, security regulations and compliance, and information security management.

The vision of CERC is to provide leadership for information security and assurance (ISA) education, research, and practice, to promote collaborative ISA activities within and outside the Howard University's boundaries, to prepare the next generation of professionals in embarking on a life-long commitment to ISA based on ethical and professional conduct, and to pursue excellence in ISA technology and practice.

CERC facilitates the partnerships and collaborations across disciplines at Howard University in the areas of critical and national need. CERC represents an exciting and clear vision toward contributing to the national cybersecurity infrastructure and manpower development.

Mission Statement

Howard University, in its commitment to leading-edge research and education to benefit society as a whole, will build upon its current academic strength in the fields of cybersecurity and information assurance through the establishment of the Howard University Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC).  

CERC will work towards:  

  1. Supporting the current offerings in cybersecurity and information assurance education that lead to an undergraduate concentration in the Bachelor’s degree program in Information Systems, and the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity offered through the Department of Systems and Computer Science.
  2. Providing the lead in the attainment of certification in the CAE/IAE (Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education) program as well as the CAE/R (Center of Academic Excellence in Research) program.
  3. Develop a Research Laboratory in support of coursework and research in cybersecurity and information assurance throughout Howard University.
  4. Conduct research on topics related to cybersecurity and information assurance.
  5. Submit funding proposals as appropriate in support of the mission of CERC.
  6. Identify research areas where the available expertise at Howard may lead to national prominence. These areas may include as examples such new fields as:
    • Cryptography/biometrics interface
    • Human factors in cybersecurity
    • Hybrid cryptography/steganography
    • Approaches to international information sharing
  7. Provide leadership in developing international expertise in cybersecurity and information assurance, especially in developing countries.
  8. Submit research articles for publication.
  9. Expand and maintain the current CERC website at Howard University.
  10. Provide leadership in developing partnerships with other academic, corporate and government organizations with an interest in cybersecurity and information assurance research and education.