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Armour Blackburn Recreational Center

Building and Facility Information


The Howard University indoor Recreational Facilities are located at the basement level of the Armour J. Blackburn Center.

There is a twelve (12) lane Bowling Center, a game rooming area which houses nine (9) pool tables, a board game section area and a table tennis area.  The Recreation Area serves as the meeting place for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the University, who take time off their busy schedules for leisure time activities.  The hours of operation for the Recreation Center are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Office Location and Telephone Numbers:

Location                                       Room                                              Telephone Number

Recreation Center                       Basement Blackburn Center                 (202) 806-7226

Dr. Samuel Amoako-Atta           Room LL-33                                        (202) 806-7228

Recreation Activities

Recreation Activities Schedule Spring 2011                                                                                                                      

  • Campus Pals- Welcome to Freshman and New Students- Jan 28th
  • Bowling Lanes Special- Month of January (Freshmen free/half price for others)
  • Table Tennis Team Tryouts- Jan 24th-31st
  • Cook and Drew Hall Recreation Day (Free games)- Jan 30th
  • ACU-I Billiards, Chess, Ping Pong, Spades Team Tryouts- Feb 1st-Feb 4th
  • Mays, Meridian, and Slowe Recreation Day (Free games)- Feb 6th
  • ACU-I Region 4 Collegiate Tournament Feb 18th-21st( Armour Blackburn Center-Howard University)
  • Bethune Annex, Carver and Quadrangle  Recreation Day (Free games)- Feb 27th
  • University Center Table Tennis League (round robin)- March 4th-5th
  • University Center Recreation Bowling League (Staff)- March 7th
  • Monday Night League Starts- March 7th
  • Thursday Night League Starts- March 10th
  • Towers (East & West) Recreation Day- March 13th
  • University Center chess League- March 21st-25th
  • X-Box University Center Open Tournament- March 25th-26th
  • University Center Poetry Slam Competition- March 31st –April 2nd
  • ACU-I Bowling Singles Competition- April 13th
  • ACU-I Spades Tournament- April 9th
  • Pan-Hellenic Recreation Bowling Tournament- April 16th
  • Recreation Intramural Awards- April 21st


Click calendar below for more information

Recreational/Leisure time Activities and Teams

The Howard University Recreation and Club Sports Program offers play both organized and informal sports and special activities structured in a league or tournament format.  The Howard University community is encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles and purposeful leisure through the numerous recreational activities offered.  Bowling, Table Tennis, Billiards, Chess, Dominoes, video games, Spades, and other hybrid card games are offered in the recreation center. Leadership skills are also acquired through planning and organization of Club Sports activities by students.

The Recreation Center which was recently renovated houses a twelve lane bowling facility outfitted with Brunswick state of the art equipment , synthetic lanes ,sound system,  cosmic lightworks,four  table tennis tables, nine pool tables, two table soccer tables, numerous chess sets, dominoes  sets and cards for patrons use.  It is a very popular meeting place where students, faculty, staff and friends of the university often come to relax and participate in leisure time activities.  Free games are offered such as checkers, chess, spades, dominoes, and Pictionary.  The most popular attraction in the Recreation Center is the Bison Bowling facility which hosts frequent student birthday parties.  The lanes are certified by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) for 2009-2010. 

Special dates are also set aside for dorm students to come to the Recreation area for free games on designated dates.

Sports Clubs Activities for fall 2009 (Extramural Activities)

Men Lacrosse

Men and Women’s Flag Football Regional Tournament

Club Baseball

Taekwondo /Judo

Men’s Soccer

Recreation Area Rental Fees and Group Rates

Policies and Rules Regarding Use of Facilities

All persons desiring to rent bowling lanes or use any of the facilities in the recreation area are required to leave a valid Howard University identification at the service counter with the Recreation personnel. 

Group rentals/reservations are encouraged; but parties must reserve the use of the facility in advance by completing a reservation/rental form.  There are fees associated with use of certain games (i.e. Bowling, Table Tennis, Table Soccer and Billiards.)  The printable reservation form is provided here and has to be completed and signed.  Other table games are free (Dominoes, Scrabble, Spades, Backgammon and Chess). 

Prices at Bison Lanes

Daily Rates                     with HU ID                                  General Public

Bowling Game                 $3.00 per game per person              $4.00 per game per person

Bowling Shoes                 $1.00 per pair                                  $2.00 per pair

Pair of Socks                   $2.00                                               $2.00

Bowling Lane                   $12.00 per lane per hour                  $12.00 per lane per hour

Billiard Table                    $3.00 per hour                                 $4.00 per hour

Table Tennis                     $3.00 per hour                                 $4.00 per hour

Table Tennis Ball              $0.50                                               $0.50

Foosball                           $2.00                                               $3.00

Dance Revolution/Pinball games                                                TBA

Group Bowling           $12.00 Per Lane/Per Hour                   $12.00 Per Lane/Per Hour


Rental Block Times:

6:00-10:00                         9 Billiard Tables                          $108.00 per 4 hours

                                          5 Ping-Pong Tables                     $60.00 per 4 hours

                                          12 Bowling Lanes                       $576.00 per 4 hours

                                          2 Foosball Tables                        $32.00 per hours


2:00-4:00                           9 Billiard Tables                            $54.00 per 2 hours

                                          5 Ping-Pong                                  $30.00 per 2 hours

                                          12 Bowling Lanes                          $288.00 per 2 hours

                                          2 Foosballs Tables                         $16.00 per hour

*The Whole activities Room (Game Room) $100 for HU/$200 for General Public*


Special Promotional Rates will be advertised in the campus newspaper The Hilltop when necessary.

Contact Us

Recreation Center/Bowling Lanes

Howard University

Amour J. Blackburn University Center

2397 Sixth Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20059

202-806-7228                  (Office)

202-806-7226                  (Control Desk)

202-332-0738                  (Fax)


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