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“Strengthening our Commitment to Leadership through Community Service”

Goals of Volunteer and Community Services

Primary goals

Student commitment to volunteerism is on the rise nationwide and at Howard University. The Howard University Volunteer and Community Service Program promotes student involvement in activities both on and off-campus and in the immediate community areas.

The program has three primary goals:

  • Promote student volunteerism at Howard University
  • Coordinate short-term and long-term volunteer projects
  • Maintain an extensive data bank of volunteer opportunities in the immediate community.

The Volunteer and Community Service office will serve as a liaison with local community agencies and maintain a current database of these agencies. The volunteer needs of each agency will be determined and every effort will be made to match campus groups/individuals with the appropriate agency based on need and interest.

Specific Goals:

  1. Recruit new volunteers
  2. Establish partnerships between community agencies and campus groups. This will encourage long-term relationships and facilitate quicker responses to community needs.
  3. Maintain a current database of community agencies.
  4. Maintain a current database of individual volunteers
  5. Track the effectiveness of partnerships between campus groups and community agencies.
  6. Track student organization community and campus service hours.
  7. Provide feedback to agencies and campus groups as to quality and effectiveness of our volunteer efforts.
  8. Consistently seek new opportunities and community agencies/organizations for volunteer activities.

Benefits of Volunteering

What students gain..

  • Meet new people, make new friends, and establish campus and community contacts
  • Explore and expand areas of interest
  • Develop and expand leadership skills
  • Receive official verification of service hours for scholarships, awards, and job opportunities
  • Foster new attitudes, perceptions and concepts of our communities
  • Enhance classroom experience by applying knowledge and experience gained through volunteering
  • Develop skills to improve career marketability after graduation

What Howard University gains..

  • Expanded base of knowledge in social needs facing our neighbors
  • Increased human resources to enhance our communities
  • Improved campus and community relations
  • On-going citizen support for the university and our communities

    Students are strongly encouraged to consider volunteer opportunities as a way to provide service to others, complement their academic experience, and contribute to their personal development.

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