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Fall Student Leadership Conference



“Leadership & Beyond: Ready. Set. Lead!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

9am – 5pm

Location: Kellogg Conference Center at Gallaudet University


The 2010 Student Leadership Conference entitled “Leadership & Beyond: Ready. Set. Lead!”  The conference goals will support a collaborative and inclusive educational environment, which seeks to inspire student leaders, provide valuable peer-to-peer learning experiences, and engage Howard University students, advisors and guests as they share and develop their leadership skills effectively. The Student Leadership Conference will also provide attendees with the resources to expand their individual leadership potential as well as avenues to apply those skills, on individual and group levels, within and beyond the Howard University community.  The conference will be held on Saturday, August 28, 2010. Registration for the conference is now open through Friday August 27, 2010.

The cost for participation is FREE for Howard University Students and advisors and $25 per person for non-Howard University participants. Participants should complete a conference registration form (one registration per person) and return completed registration to the Office of Student Activities in Blackburn University Center Suite 117 by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 27, 2010.




Summer Student Leadership Conferences

2010 Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities Student Leadership Workshop & Advisor Institute




With the theme of Inspiring, Motivating & Developing Leadership for the Global Community,” the 2009 Student Leadership Conference is an opportunity for various students, groups and organizational leaders to be exposed to a creative selection of educational sessions and workgroups where they will receive and share information necessary for a memorable and outstanding year in student leadership. The educational sessions range from leadership styles and teambuilding to conflict resolution and event planning.

The conference is scheduled for Saturday, August 29, at the Howard University School of Law from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  This year the conference will be open to all emerging, elected, appointed student leaders and organizational advisors.

Conference Schedule at a Glance:

Saturday, August 29, 2009
9:00 a.m.            Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:30 a.m.            Welcome
10:00 a.m.          Opening Keynote Address: Mr. Steve Birdine
10:40 a.m.          Educational Session Block I  
11:30 a.m.          Educational Session Block II

12:30 p.m.          Lunch and Networking
1:45 p.m.            Educational Session Block III
2:30 p.m.            Educational Session Block IV
3:30 p.m.            Educational Session Block V

4:30 p.m.            Closing Keynote Address: Dr. Debyii Thomas

Schedule logistics and topics:
Each educational block will have five concurrent sessions.  Some sessions will be mandatory training for respective officers, advisors and conference attendees; others will be elective sessions.  The 2009 Student Leadership Conference sessions topics included Impact 21 Five Star Customer Service training, HUSA Organizational Funding, Advisor training, Event Scheduling, Ethical Leadership, Media and University Communications and much more.
Cost to participants:
Conference registration fee:  $75 (includes conference materials and meals)
Registrants must be available to attend all sessions to maximize the impact of the conference.   Registration payments can be made through Cramton Auditorium Box Office. Click to download application form.  Completed application forms and proof of payment are due to the Office of Student Activities by 5 p.m., Friday, August 28.   The conference will be held at the Howard University School of Law Campus which is conveniently located at 2900 Van Ness St NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 or via metro at the Van Ness/ UDC Metro Station.

For more information, contact Ms. Norkia Baker at or Mrs. Lennon Jackson at (202) 806-7000.

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The Office of Student Activities is committed to fostering the development of leadership opportunities and education through exposure to and participation in and leadership lecture series, interactive and skill building workshops, and its annual Spring Student Leadership Retreat.

Spring Student Leadership Retreat

The Spring Student Leadership Retreat brings together a community of students leaders and highly interactive facilitators for a weekend of leadership and leadership building skills modules. Approximately 50 student leaders spend time together learning leadership skills and networking with their peers and administrators. The Spring Student Leadership Retreats are geared toward emerging student government and council leaders and are held at the end of the spring semester of each year.

Fall Student Leadership Workshop Series

Student Leadership workshops at Howard University are designed to assist students in reaching their most effective level of leadership by providing opportunities, resources and training. The Fall Leadership Workshop series are designed to provide consultation on a variety of topics through the use of presentations and interactive and participative activities. The Office of Student Activities also hosts an Annual Spring Student Leadership Retreat, where student are invited
All Leadership Workshops are coordinated through the Office of Student Activities and incorporates the following subject areas:

  • What is Leadership
  • Exploring Leadership Styles
  • Proper Scheduling Procedures
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • University Vending, trademark and licensing Procedures
  • Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving
  • Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Motivation/Recruitment/Retention
  • Diversity and Sensitivity Training
  • Event Planning and Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Goal Setting
  • Officer Transition
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Workshop development
  • Proper Fiscal Management

Bison Student Leadership Program

The mission of the Bison Student Leadership Program (BSLP) is to facilitate the development of leadership skills among current and emerging leaders through workshops, team builders, conferences, consultations and a leadership resource center.

The Bison Student Leadership Program (BSLP) is designed to be completed in one (1) academic year by 1st and 2nd year students. The program consists of three components: Interactive Workshop Participation, Practical Experience and Community Service. It provides students with the knowledge and development to assume leadership on campus, in society and in the global experience. The working idea behind the Bison Student Leadership Program (BSLP) is that everyone has the potential for leadership, which is a unique life long journey.

BSLP Goals

  • To develop participant’s understanding of general leadership characteristics and concepts
  • To enhance student learning and personal development through leadership training
  • To assist students in assessing their leadership skills, abilities and goals
  • To develop group interaction skills, team building, group communication and group decision-making skills
  • To provide diversity training

BSLP Outcomes

  • Participants will have gained a full appreciation for individual differences and the skills necessary to become a global citizen
  • Participants will have a raised awareness of an individual’s role and responsibility within the Howard University community, and our global community
  • Participants will become an established pool of well trained leaders that can enhance campus life
  • Participants will become actively involved with the increase of community service initiatives

Interactive Workshop Participation

The Bison Student Leadership Program offers many workshops ideal for meetings, special programs and informal gatherings. Topics include: goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, brainstorming techniques, stress management, recruitment/retention and many more. The programs are designed to introduce current and emerging leaders to leadership theory and development. Information will be provided through group activities, guest speakers, discussions, role-playing and introspective assignments. The Bison Student Leadership Program also offers workshops that review specific Howard University policies and procedures that current leaders need to be acquainted with in order to be productive within their organizations.

Workshop topics that are covered

  • Brainstorming Techniques
  • Publicizing Events
  • Positive Communication
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Student/Advisor Relations
  • Delegation
  • Team Building
  • Diversity
  • Marketing Leadership Skills
  • Effective Presentations
  • Fiscal Management
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Meeting Rooms and Scheduling Forms and Procedures
  • Fundraising
  • Vending and Trademarks
  • Goal Setting
  • Event, Program and Product Promotion
  • Group Advising
  • The Nature of Leadership
  • Meetings
  • Time Management and Avoiding Burnout
  • Motivation
  • Balancing Leadership and Academics
  • Officer Transition and Training
  • Organizational Finances
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Organizational Retreats

Practical Experience

Through team building, group interaction and organizational involvement, Bison Student Leadership Program participants learn how to practically apply leadership theories.
Team Building, group interaction and organizational involvement requires effort. Throughout life, working with others in team situations will constantly be presented. Participants will have an opportunity to practice these skills by developing and maintaining relationships, offering support, and developing trust with other people in the group.

Community Service

The Office of Student Activities has three recognized community service organizations that Howard University’s students can become involved with: Howard University Chapter of Circle K International, America’s Promise and the American Red Cross, Howard University Chapter. These organizations serve as the vehicle for Bison Student Leadership Program participants’involvement in the community. The Bison Student Leadership Program places an emphasis on community engagement, seeing the necessity for the development of new leadership that can positively affect the greater society.

Leadership Resource Center

A collection of books, articles, journals, newsletters, video/audio tapes and presentation materials are available in the Office of Student Activities for students to check out. The Leadership Resource Center is an important source for information on topics including: leadership skill development, organizational needs, diversity, community service and much more. Any Howard University student can check out all materials available from the Leadership Resource Center.

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