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Starting a  New Student Club or Organization   

Official recognition by Howard University is a result of recommendations by the President of the Howard University Student Association, the Director of Student Activities and the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Organizations of a religious nature require the recommendation of the Dean of the Chapel. Recognition in no way implies University endorsement or sponsorship of such events or activities. Recognition simply acknowledges the existence of an organization composed of at least ten (10) Howard University Students, consistent with the objectives and philosophy of the University and meets an expressed need of the students. Your club will not be recognized until all portions of the
application are submitted and approved.

Recognition Packet
The petition for recognition packet should include the following:
1.  A Petition form
2.  At least 10 signatures from Howard University students
3.  A letter of support from Dean/Department/National organization
4.  A letter of intent from your on‐campus advisor
5.  A student organization advisor agreement form
6.  Copy of the Constitution & By‐laws

For fraternities and/or organizations with competitive selective membership processes the following additional
documentation is required:
1. Proof of insurance
2. Greek recognition policy statement of understanding
3. Copy of the membership selection protocol/process
4. Anti‐hazing policy statement

Petition for Recognition and Constitutional Review Process:
Each recognition packet and constitution submitted is stamped and logged in to the Office of Student Activities. Once submitted and logged, the constitution is reviewed to ensure that all necessary documents are included in the packet. If the packet is complete, the constitution is reviewed for consistency and compliance with the universities policies or guidelines and if applicable, the guidelines of the national or regional organization. The constitution is then forwarded to the following for review and approval:
1. HUSA President
2. For religious organizations only: Dean of the Chapel
3. Director of Student Activities
4. Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Only recognized student organizations may be granted permission to sponsor events and activities on campus and to make use of University facilities for this purpose. Only recognized student organizations may use the Howard University nomenclature as a part of their organization name and/or in representing themselves as associated with the University.

The  Office of Student Activities has the responsibility to ensure that the constitution is reviewed by all parties involved and that the constitution meets the guidelines of the university. The following is an overview of the constitution review process, all constitutions are reviewed to ensure:

          a. That all necessary documents are included.

          b.  Consistency and compliance with the university policies or guidelines.

          c.  Compliance to the guidelines of the national or regional organization (if applicable).

          d.  That there are no grammatical and spelling errors.

Upon completion of the review process for the constitution, the organization representative is responsible for revising and resubmitting the constitution to the Office of Student Activities. Once all revisions are completed and the constitution satisfies the requirements of the University, the petition packet is forwarded on for final approval.

Petition for Recognition as a Student Organization Form

See Guidelines for Developing a Constituition

Advisor Agreement Form

Greek recognition policy statement of understanding


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