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2012-2013 HUSA President and Vice President

The Howard University Student Association consists of three branches: the Executive, Legislative (General Assembly), and Judicial (Policy Board). Since it’s beginning, HUSA has operated as the eyes, ears, and voice of the Student Body. No matter the issue, HUSA has been at the forefront. Whether it came to rallying around the Jena 6, forcing the university to incorporate an Africana focused curriculum, protesting against the appointment of controversial figures to the board of trustees, or pushing the University to divest from South Africa- HUSA has led the charge. Over the decades, HUSA has been a rallying point for activists, and academics alike. Without a doubt, no matter the decade, HUSA has shaped, formed, and influenced the direction of Howard University… and the work continues.

President Brittany Foxhall and Vice President Madiagne Sarr, lead the 52nd Administration of the HUSA Executive Branch. The 52nd Administration follows the three sound principles of believing in Howard, believing in the students, and believing in their voice. The 52nd Administration's platform is comprised of five pillars: campus safety, academic renewal, environmental reform, increased community involvement, and expanding the HUSA footprint. HUSA believes that their administration should primarily align with the progression of student leadership. The first step in this progression is to believe in the legacy of Howard and the future that it holds. As the university undergoes changes to realign itself with that legacy, the 52nd administration will capitalize on this opportunity to build upon the work of its predecessors and remind students to believe. Students must not only believe in the direction in which the university is headed, but also in the power their actions can have in helping the university reach these goals, and the power their voices can have in holding the university accountable.

HUSA has numerous ways for you to become involved, including volunteering and becoming a member of the executive staff. To connect with HUSA and get involved, you may reach via or call 202.806.4140.

Remember, HUSA wants YOU to know that they exist to help students and support you with any issues that may arise. No matter the size or scope of the problem, every student concern is a HUSA concern, and they are at your service!

What is HUSA?
The Howard University Student Association (HUSA) was established in 1961 and adopted its constitution in January of 1977. Our purpose is to provide input into the University's decision-making process; to act as spokesperson for the students; and to maintain communications concerning student's interests and concerns in all of the schools and colleges.

HUSA includes within its domain the entire student body; a legislative branch known as the General Assembly which consists of all representatives of the Undergraduate Student Assembly (UGSA) and the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA); a judicial branch known as the Policy Board which interprets the HUSA constitution; an the executive branch, administered by the President and Vice President. All officers are elected every spring for a one-year term.

HUSA's Mission Statement
We, the Howard University Student Association: the eyes, ears and voice for the Student Body, aim to create awareness and a more proactive approach to leadership. With a renewed vigor, we will facilitate the empowerment of the Student Body and to turn our academic learning into practical experiences that will uplift and unify a divided Pan-African community.

Goals of the 52nd Administration

-To implement programs and initiatives that provide a safer environment for Howard University students to thrive.

-To collaborate with administrators to strengthen the academic culture on Howard’s campus.

-To further develop and support existing green initiatives to increase environmental awareness and student participation.

- To foster positive relationships with the surrounding community through increased interactive programs and initiatives

-To continue the work of previous administrations to expand scope of student advocacy


Contact HUSA

The Howard University Student Association Office is located in the Armour J. Blackburn Center, Suite 102.

Telephone: 202-806-4133

Fax: 202-806-9545



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