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Former Students Returning (FSR) Readmission

Students who are not enrolled during the current semester (summer session not included), but who have previously attended Howard University are classified as Former Students Returning (FSR).

FSRs must submit an application following the appropriate application deadlines. An application fee and enrollment fee are not required. FSRs absent from the University for two or more years must also submit a health evaluation form and receive a medical clearance from the University Student Health Center before they can complete the registration process.

Students who cease to attend the University for one semester or more, whether or not voluntarily, are subject to all regulations and requirements in force at the time they resume their studies, unless other arrangements have been agreed to by the dean and recorded in writing before their absence.

In general, FSRs are readmitted to the last school in which they were enrolled at Howard University. Applicants must submit an official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended since last enrolled at Howard to EM/Admission. Credit will be awarded for those courses taken that are comparable to courses offered at Howard University in which the student has earned a grade of C or better. 

Before readmission is granted, students who are absent from the University for the following reasons must fulfill the corresponding requirements.

Withdrawn for health reasons- Clearance from the University Student Health Center must be obtained, Such correspondence should be directed to the Administrator, University Student Health Center, 2139 Georgia Ave NW, 2nd Floor, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059.

Suspended or dropped for poor scholarship-Such persons must apply in writing to the dean of the college or school from which they were dismissed; and must have been out of school for at least one semester after having been suspended.

Disciplinary suspension and/or withdrawal -Readmission may be sought for any period following expiration of the suspension period.

All voluntary withdrawals-Persons who withdraw voluntarily and desire to be readmitted to the University must carefully follow the procedures outlined above.

FSR applicants dropped or suspended for various reasons must be cleared by the appropriate application deadline

Once graduated, students may not return to the same school or status, but must be considered either graduate/professional, unclassified, or seeking another undergraduate degree and must again pay the applicable application fee.

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