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Change of Program

BisonWeb is designed to facilitate selecting classes by providing up - to date information on course availability, time conflicts, alternate sections, etc. It is not expected, therefore, that students will engage in wholesale program adjustments after their schedules have been approved. If, however, certain changes are legitimately required, such approved changes may be made during the Change of Program Period.

Also see Withdrawals

Course Overrides

The course override capability exists for the sole purpose of accommodating those relatively few students who are given permission to either(a) enroll in a class that is “closed,” or (b) enroll in one or more classes that have reasonable time conflicts within the student’s schedule.

Course overrides must be approved by the person(s) designated by the Dean/Associate Dean of each School/College/Division, according to the procedure(s) established by such School/College/Division.

Requests can be initiated from a computer or mobile device and forwarded via Howard University e-mail to the appropriate individuals or departments. Once initiated, requests sent to or received from non- HU e-mail accounts will not be processed. Recipients will be notified of pending submissions and have 48 hours to review, approve or deny the request. Students will have the ability to determine where the request is in the routing process at any given time.

It is our sincere hope the utilization of electronic forms and digital signatures will result in improved operational efficiency and customer service.

Instructions For Students

  1. Obtain the name and Howard-issued e-mail address of your advisor, the instructor of the course, and department chair.
  2. Access the request form.
    NOTE: Request form not available except during active period of course withdrawal.
  3. Enter your name and preferred e-mail address. Also, enter your advisor, the instructor and department chair’s e-mail address (Howard University e-mail only).
    Important: All e-mail address must be submitted to complete the request. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  4. The system will automatically generate an access code and forward via e-mail to your account.  This may take approximately 10-20 minutes.
  5. Enter the access code
  6. Read and verify terms and conditions
  7. Select review document
  8. Complete all required fields highlighted in red.
  9. Select Confirm Signing on the left side of the document.
  10. Save document on-line (optional)
  11. Your request will be routed to the appropriate individuals and departments. 

Note: If you do not know the name of your advisor, e-mails should be forward to an advisor in the Advisement Center of your School or College, or to the Department Chair of your major program of study.

Instructions For Faculty & Advisors

  1. Advisors, Faculty and Chairs will be notified of pending requests via their Howard University e-mail accounts only.
  2. View documents link in the e-mail
  3. View and accept terms and conditions.
  4. Select review document
  5. Override request will display with information the student has provided.
  6. Select Sign Here to generate a signature.
  7. Enter your name, change signature style (optional), and then select adopt and sign.
  8. Select Confirm Signing to approve the request.
  9. Save documents by entering your e-mail address and password. If you do not have a password you can create one (optional).

Please Note:

  • Select the MORE dropdown box and hit decline if the request is denied and provide the reason.
  • The Student Permit Registration Override form in Banner should be used to lift course restrictions (prerequisites, level, program of study, special approvals, etc.)