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Steps for Web Registration

Welcome to HU Bison Web Registration.
Please review the following instructions before you proceed.


As always, it is extremely important that you see your academic advisor prior to registering to ensure that you select the appropriate courses. Our current registration system is designed to prohibit students from registering for classes for which they have not completed the required pre- or co-requisite courses.

Therefore, if you encounter a "registration error," this means that the system does not recognize you as having met the prerequisite(s) for the selected course. You must make another selection, or meet with your advisor for a course prerequisite override. If your advisor feels that you have met the prerequisite(s) for a particular course, he/she will approve your course selection.

  1. Read over these instructions, or print them out (recommended).
  2. Point your Web browser to
  3. Click LOG IN TO SECURE AREA on the Bison Web homepage.
  4. Enter the "@" sign followed by your student identification number. Then enter your personal identification number (PIN). Your PIN must be six (6) numerical digits. Click the "LOGIN" button. For information on your PIN number, please use one of the following resources:
    • The current Student Reference Manual
    • Your advisor
    • Enrollment Management (202-806-2705)
    • Courtesy desk in the Blackburn Center Ballroom
  5. Type in your PIN again on the Login Verification Page, and click the LOGIN button.
  6. If this is the first time you have signed on, a TERMS OF USAGE PAGE will display. Please read and if you accept the terms, click the CONTINUE button. If you do not accept the terms, click the EXIT button.
  7. Select the phrase "Student Services and Financial Aid".
  8. Select the phrase "Registration".
  9. When the REGISTRATION page displays, click on SELECT TERM.
  10. When the SELECT TERM page displays, click on the arrow at the right of the word TERM and select the appropriate term.
  11. Click on the SUBMIT TERM button. The system will return you to the REGISTRATION page.
  12. Click on CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS to assure you are able to register. If there are no holds which prevent registration click on the MENU at the top right of the page. If you are not able to register click the exit button at the top of the page.
  13. When the registration page displays click on LOOK UP CLASSES TO ADD and follow the instructions.
  14. When the classes are displayed, select the courses you want by clicking the boxes on the left side of the courses. When all courses are selected, click the REGISTER button. If there are no errors, you are now registered. If there are errors, you must restart from step 11.

This completes the registration process. Please verify your course selections by printing your schedule and making sure that the appropriate grade mode has been selected.

If you need further assistance, call 806-2705.