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Who Handles What?


Enrollment Management

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Student Employment

  • Processes Remission of Tuition
  • Processes Financial Aid Awards, except private funds given directly to the student
  • Authorizes payment of University-administered financial aid awards to a student’s account (loans, scholarships, grants, remission of tuition, basic grants).

Where to send Outside Scholarship Checks

  • Checks received by the Financial Aid Office for guaranteed student loans, federally Insured loans, state and private scholarships, etc., are sent to the Office of Student Accounts, Collections, Student Loans and Financial Accounting for deposit to students’ account.
  • Please mail all outside scholarships to:

    Howard University
    Office of Student Financial Services
    MSC 590501
    Washington, DC 20059

Student Accounts, Collections, Student Loans and Financial Accounting

  • Student Accounts
    • Handles all refund and tuition adjustments
    • Handles “special billing,” i.e., the official billing (or invoicing) of embassies or other appropriate agencies or organizations responsible for paying the educational expenses of particular students.
    • Processes late charges, etc., to students' accounts
    • Processes EFT checks and credits to students’ accounts
    • Validation to paid registrants
  • Student Loans and Collections

International Student Services

  • Processing U.S. immigration forms and certifies loan and scholarship documents from foreign governments
  • Advising international students on financial, immigration, and other problems
  • See: International Student Services

Advisory/Registration Units

Special Student Services/Veterans Affairs

  • Assistance with applications for veteran’s benefits
  • Assists students with verified disabilities for reasonable accommodations and access during registration
  • Removes judicial “holds” for Former Students Returning (FSR)
  • See: Special Student Services

Student Housing and Residence Life

  • Assigns all University-operated housing; enters rent charges and/or deletes same if applicable
  • See: Residence Life


  • Authorizes all exception billing when less money than that required by the University Board of Trustees is accepted in permitting registration
  • Counseling students with financial problems will be done by the Office of the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs