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The Faculty Senate of Howard University is an independent organizational forum for the fulltime University Faculty (Senate Constitution, Article 1 Sec. A).

The primary objective of the Senate is to participate with the Administration and Board of Trustees in a partnership, based on mutual respect, for the shared responsibility for the University toward the ends of teaching and scholarly excellence, enhanced productivity, and greater responsiveness to the needs of Howard University in achieving its unique contemporary mission. (Senate Constitution, Article 1 Sec. C).

The Senate supports Faculty responsibility and accountability with respect to duties in teaching, research, publications, and University and community service (Senate Constitution, Article 1 Sec. D).

One role of the Faculty Senate is to act in collaboration with the Administration and Trustees regarding the development, review and revision of general educational policy that is applicable to more than one school or college of the University. However, the Board of Trustees remain the final authority (Senate Constitution, Article 1, Sec. F).

The members of the Senate are all tenured and non tenured faculty members serving in full-time faculty appointments or positions. This includes department chairpersons who have been appointed with the advice and consent of the faculty of their department (Senate Constitution, Article 11, Sec. A)..

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Three members of the Faculty are elected to serve as Officers of the Faculty Senate, as Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Only full-time, tenured Faculty members are eligible to serve as officers. The term in office is two years and each may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.


Our Faculty Trustees
Faculty Trustee Gregory Jenkins

Undergraduate Trustee | Graduate Trustee

The Faculty Senate has two Faculty members serving on the Board of Trustees of Howard University. One representing the undergraduate schools/colleges, the other the graduate/professional schools/colleges. Each is elected by the Faculty for three year terms and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.


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