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Who We Are and What We Do

The Faculty Senate of Howard University is made up of all full time faculty. The Faculty are the guardians of the institution and share governance with the Board of Trustees, the President, and designated Administrators.

The Officers of the Faculty Senate are the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, who are elected by the University-wide full time faculty members. The officers serve two years and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Only tenured faculty are eligible to serve as officers.

The governing body of the Faculty Senate is the Council. There are twelve at-large members of the Council elected by the university-wide faculty for two year terms. The terms of the at large members are staggered in groups of four. At-Large Council Members may serve two consecutive terms.

In addition, each School/College elects one Representative and one Alternate to serve on the Council of the Faculty Senate for two years. Representatives and Alternates may serve two consecutive terms (four years). The College of Arts and Sciences has additional representation on the Council from the Division of Fine Arts.

There are a total of 32 voting members of the Council: 3 Officers, 12 At-Large Members, 17 Representatives/Alternates.

Each year the Council elects 12 individuals from its members to serve on the Steering Committee. There is no limitation on the number of times a member of the Council can be elected to the Steering Committee


The Faculty Senate conducts several annual events in which all full time faculty members are encouraged to get involved and actively participate.

There are two meetings of the full Faculty Senate, an Awards Program, a Faculty Retreat and the Faculty Senate Elections.

*The President of Howard University presents the State of the University Address at each meeting of the Full Faculty Senate.

Annual Events


  • Full Senate Meeting* - Fall
  • Faculty Awards Program - Spring
  • Faculty Retreat - Spring
  • Full Senate Meeting* - Spring
  • Elections - Spring