The Chair

Richard L. Wright, Ph.D.


Dr. Richard Wright graduated from Howard University in 1964, immediately earning a Fulbright Grant for travel, study, and lecturing in Guatemala, Central America. He returned to the United States in 1965, matriculating with full scholarship at the University of Texas in Austin, where he pursued and completed a MA degree in Latin American Studies 1971, and subsequently the Ph.D. at that same institution in 1976, focusing in the area of Sociolinguistics.

Dr. Wright has lectured extensively across campus on a range of topics related to language and linguistics, teaching and learning dynamics, language and the Black Community, as well as other issues that relate to education and the necessity of effective teacher preparation for the complex challenges facing the Academy of the future.

After serving as an instructor in the Romance Languages Department from 1967-1970, he was later appointed to a professorship in the School of Communications at Howard University in 1975, and has served the institution continuously in various capacities for 42 years (totaling 45). During his tenure at the University, in addition to teaching and research, Dr. Wright has served as Director of Graduate Study for his department, founding Director of the Annenberg Honors Program in the School of Communications, Vice-Chair and, subsequently, Chair of the Faculty Senate, Director of the Teaching Assistants Program in the School of Communications, member of three Provost Search Committees, and Faculty Trustee on the Board of Trustees at Howard University (2009-2015). He currently serves as Faculty Senate Chair, 2017-2019.


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Dr. Richard L. Wright