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Schools - Colleges - Divisions

Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign (R101353)
Howard University General Scholarship (R100437)
Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel (R200748)
College of Arts and Sciences (R200835)
School of Business (R200967)
School of Communications (R200957)
College of Dentistry (R200981)
School of Divinity (R200978)
School of Education (R200983)
College of Engineering, Architecture & Computer Sciences (R200956)
Graduate School (R200958)
School of Law (R200947)
College of Medicine (R200898)
College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences (R200954)
College of Pharmacy (R200960)
School of Social Work (R200506)
Bison Express (Howard Athletics) (R201059)
Friends of the Library (R200416)
Friends of Moorland Spingarn Research Center (0004462)

Howard University Hospital

Endowment Fund (21025)
Interns & Residents Fund (21040)
Medical Technology Fund (21280)
Men's Health Initiatives (21450)
Nursing Fund (21500)
Senior Services Fund (21510)
Women & Children Health Initiatives (21241)

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Donors are now acknowledged on a calendar year basis (January 1-December 31). For tax purposes, the year-to-date amount on the last pay stub in December will reflect your total gift amount.

Note: Submission of your name and Employee Identification # will be consent to have your pledged amount deducted from your salary, bi-weekly.

You may cancel your pledge at any time by forwarding a written request to:

Christie Askew
Director of Annual Giving
(202) 238-2546