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Student Employment Job Openings

Below is a list of job openings for students awarded in a work program.

  1. Only students who have been validated will be sent an e-mail notification of job openings.
  2. Applications will be reviewed to ensure completion and job availability.
  3. If student meets all requirements, and job is available, a referral form will be emailed from student employment.
  4. Student will report to department for interview.
  5. Once a decision has been made, a notification will be sent to student for placement and orientation.

Note: HUSEP Students cannot work off campus.

Review the Current Job Openings below. Use the code next to the job title to complete the Application.

Current Job Openings

Internet Explorer Users:
If the Job Openings List is not visible, go to Tools -> Compatibility View for the list to appear. Be sure to refresh your browser the list each visit by taking off Compatibility View, refresh, then put Compatibility View back on.