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Financial Aid Award Acceptance Condition

If you have received the Financial Aid Award Package (You may also review your award package on BisonWeb), you must understand and accept the following conditions:

  1. I understand that awards are made on the presumption of full-time enrollment and at the end of the add/drop period each semester my aid may be reduced or cancelled. I must sign a promissory note and complete an entrance interview if I am awarded federal loan funds (only if I have not previously signed a Master Promissory Note (please contact the Office of Student Financial Services/Student Loans 202-806-2570.)
  2. I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward my degree each semester in accordance with Howard University’s Financial Aid Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  3. I will immediately report to the Office of Financial Aid other assistance I receive that is not included in this award package, other assistance designated for the same purpose (i.e., tuition, books, housing), and other financial assistance in excess of the annual cost of attendance at Howard University.
  4. I understand that any financial aid I receive, but found to be ineligible for, must be repaid to Howard University based on the stated conditions above. Howard University reserves the right to revise my award package if overpayments occur due to Government regulations, University policy, or if sources of funding, change prior to or during the award year.
  5. I understand that any Veteran’s benefits I receive must be calculated in this award package. I understand that it is my responsibility to report them to the Office of Financial Aid. I also understand that I must register with the Office of Special Student Services at (202) 238-2420 before I can receive benefits.
  6. I understand that an estimated Federal Work-Study/HUSEP award does not guarantee employment. I am responsible for following all instructions sent to me from the Student Employment Office, (Room B-9 of the Administration Building) to complete required documents before I may be employed in a Federal Work-Study/HUSEP position.
  7. I will submit copies of all requested tax forms and other required documents if selected for the Federal Verification Process.
  8. I understand that I must complete a separate Summer Financial Aid Application in order to receive consideration before summer aid can be awarded to me (Summer Financial Aid Applications are made available each spring).
  9. I authorize Student Financial Services to credit my student account with any financial aid that I may receive. I will be responsible for any balance owed. If I am responsible for payment of late fees and/or related educational costs, I authorize payment of these charges with my financial aid.
  10. I understand that disbursement of my aid to my student account will not occur until all requirements in the Office of Financial Aid have been satisfied.

Please review all award information and notify the Office of Financial Aid by email if you will not attend Howard University at

If you wish to decline an award, please complete the Financial Aid Award Declination Form.