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Work Programs

Federal Work-Study

Student Employment
On- and off-campus employment is available to eligible students under the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program. Students seeking FWS must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet the general requirements for Federal Aid. Funds are made available to undergraduate or graduate/professional students with financial need.

Campus employment includes a wide variety of opportunities within departments of the University as well as the Howard University Hospital. In addition, interested students may participate in "America Reads" or "America Counts" which are off-campus tutoring programs launched by the Clinton Administration. The major objectives of these programs are: (1) to have all children reading well and independently by the end of the third grade and (2) to provide mathematics tutors for students in elementary school through ninth grade. The sites for these programs are in D.C. public schools and surrounding community centers.

The specific working hours and the established number of working hours approved per week are arranged so they do not interfere with class attendance, health or academic progress. Students generally work 20 hours per week but may work up to 40 hours during Christmas and spring break or during the summer.

The amount of FWS indicated in your Financial Aid Award Notice represents estimated earnings and is not guaranteed if you work less than the number of hours required to reach the awarded amount. Wage rates vary depending upon the nature of the job. Students are paid at least the current federal minimum wage, but may be paid more based on the type of work and the level of skill required. Students are paid bi-weekly for hours worked during the preceding two-week period. Students awarded FWS must report to the Student Employment Office for orientation and placement. Additional information regarding employment procedures is provided to prospective employees during the job placement interview.


The Office of Financial Aid provides an alternative means of employment for students who may not qualify for Federal Work-Study. The Howard University Student Employment Program (HUSEP) was established to provide immediate financial assistance to students in the form of employment earnings to be used in paying a portion of their educational costs. Since HUSEP is not a federally funded program, students are not required to meet general eligibility requirements established for federal programs.

To be considered for HUSEP, you must complete and submit a separate application to the Student Employment Office by the established University Financial Aid deadline. Students requesting HUSEP must be enrolled full-time during the academic school year and meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Employment is limited to on-campus and includes a variety of opportunities within University departments including: clerical, technical, professional, and undergraduate and graduate research positions. Students generally work 20 hours a week but may work up to 40 hours a week when classes are not in session.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student employed under HUSEP, you may work during the summer if you have registered for the upcoming fall term; however, priority is given to those students who have registered for summer classes at Howard University.

Other Opportunities

Off-Campus Employment
Vacancies from off-campus employers are posted on the bulletin board across from the Financial Aid Office, Room 205 in the Administration Building. It is your responsibility to contact the employer directly if you are interested in any posted positions. In addition, the Office of Career Services, located in the C.B. Powell Building, maintains a computerized job bank of temporary as well as permanent positions. You may contact that office directly for additional information.