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Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Michael Masch
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Phone: 202-806-2403

General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Travel, Financial Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Office of Procurement & Contracts John Gordon
Phone: 202-806-2311
Treasury and Financial Analysis Bobby Young
Interim Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 202-806-2381
Grants and Contracts Administration Dana Hector
Executive Director
Phone: 202-806-4759
Risk and Controls Bobby Young
Assistant Vice President
Phone: 202-806-2381
Risk, Estate and Insurance Adonna Bannister
Associate General Counsel
Phone: 202-806-2664
Facilities and Renovations Eric Coard
Assistant Vice President
Phone: 202-806-1004
Finance Lead - Health Sciences Jeanette Gibbs
Associate Vice President - Health Sciences Administration and Operations
Phone: 202-865-4803
Finance Lead - Academic Affairs

Finance Lead - General Administration