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About Legacy of Leadership

The Legacy of Leadership (LOL) Awards Gala is an annual fund-raising event held to advance Howard University Hospital's vast array of outreach programs and services. Since its inception, LOL has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support community initiatives grounded in the excellent healthcare and medical services provided by HUH for more than 140 years.

LOL outreach efforts are designed to afford those with significant needs a fair chance to receive the best possible healthcare. Through city-wide health fairs and events, HUH has been able to provide invaluable services including screenings, nutritional and drug counseling, and education in HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia, heart disease, hypertension and cancer.

In addition to being a stellar fund-raising affair, LOL is also an event during which outstanding healthcare professionals are recognized for their demonstrated commitment to the healthcare industry. These individuals are recognized experts on health and scientific research and have displayed a long-term commitment to the advocacy of critical minority and general health issues. They exemplify HUH's ideals of "excellence in service and leadership." Be a part of the legacy.


Legacy of Leadership Collection

Collectible art such as "The Proposal" by artist Jonathan Green and print maker Lou Stovall is available to you by calling 202-238-2548. To view the LOL collection of prints, click here.


LOL Honorees

Nomination Form

Louis Sullivan, M.D.
Ted Koppel
Eleanor Holmes-Norton
Ronald Brown
Marian Wright-Edelman
Arthur Ashe (posthumously)
Dr. Roland Scott
Patti LaBelle
Darrell Green
Ernest White
Clive Callendar, M.D.
Billy Dee Williams
Randall Robinson
William Raspberry
Calvin Rolark (posthumously)
Dr. William Matory
Charles Curry, M.D.
Ben Vereen
Al Freeman

  Dorothy Height
Jesse Jackson
Kweisi Mfume
James Brown (sportscaster)
Bernadine Lacey
Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr.
Eartha Kitt
Charlene Drew Jarvis
Jesse Barber, M.D.
Muhammad Ali
Diahann Carroll
Ruby Bridges-Hall
Gary C. Dennis, M.D.
Vivian W. Pinn, M.D.
George A. Strait Jr.
Richard Alcorta, M.D.
Carolyn Aldige
Lovell A. Jones, M.D.
M. Elizabeth Carnegie, DPA, R.N., FAAN
Edward E. Cornwell III, M.D.
W. Lester Henry Jr., M.D.
Martin D. Payson, Esq.
Dr. Floyd Malveaux
Dr. Antonia C. Novello
Dr. Griffin P. Rodgers


George Atkins Alexander, M.D.
L. Julian Haywood, M.D.
Donna Richardson



How to Contact Us

The Legacy of Leadership Awards Gala is a committee-driven project. Information may be sent to the Howard University Office of University Events and Special Projects, 2225 Georgia Avenue NW, Suite 829, Washington, DC 20059. Phone: 202-238-2548. Fax: 202-588-9864.

The Sankofa Bird by David Smedley is the official symbol of LOL.

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