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Each year, the Office of the Internal Auditor develops and distributes an annual audit plan for the upcoming fiscal year. This plan includes the functions that auditors typically examine, such as reviewing financial operations.

However, the plan also includes audits that examine University and Hospital operations that have a degree of risk. How do we define risk? Think in terms of “What keeps you up at night?” or “What are the potentially adverse situations that could occur within an operational unit? (w)ithin the University? (w)ithin the Hospital?

Your input into the audit planning process is welcomed. Identify areas, functions, projects, programs, organizations, or activities that you believe would benefit from an external evaluation by the Office of the Internal Auditor.

Use the Suggested Area for Audit Program Form (Word or PDF) to provide a brief description of the area that you think should be reviewed. Also, provide the name and phone number of a contact person whom we can contact to obtain additional information on the matters you propose. Refer to the example form (Word or PDF) for guidance.

Consider this an opportunity to obtain an independent assessment of areas in which you have concerns. You do not have to limit you suggestions to areas, functions, or organizations within your chain of command; consider all areas of the University.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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