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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 1

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Department/School/Administrative Unit: University Libraries
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GOAL 1: ACCESS TO INFORMATION -- Patrons informational needs for education, research and service are fully met

Intended Educational (Student), Research or Service Outcomes, Administrative Objectives or Expected Results (In this section, clearly articulate the expected results related to each goal. Try to make the objectives results-oriented). It is best to specify the objectives for each goal--e.g., Goal 1 may have two objectives labeled as Objective 1a and Objective 1b)

OBJECTIVE 1c: Patrons obtain information not available at Howard libraries, promptly and with minimum effort

When seeking information resources, patrons will experience the following:

  • Performance Criteria/Indicators for Success 
    • New acquisitions are promptly listed in OPAC and made available
    • Bibliographers have current information of account balances
    • URLs in Sterling, webliographies, annotated guides and other finding aids are working, accurate and up-to-date
    • Staff assistance in locating materials/processing requests is prompt, courteous, and confidential
    • Borrowing/return/clearance procedures/services are prompt, consistent and courteous
    • Patrons will obtain materials listed as available in the Channing Pollock Theatre Collection expeditiously or by a specified time on weekdays
    • Processing of course reserves is prompt and accurate
    • E-reserves are ubiquitous and promptly available
    • Processing of ILL requests is prompt and informative
    • Shelving of materials is prompt and orderly
    • Reciprocal libraries' resources collections are accessible through direct borrowing or ILL (AS)
    • Library policies and procedures are up-to-date and clear 
  • Performance Activities
    • Assigned staff will oversee the continuous shelf reading of the collections
    • Bibliographers will prepare new subject guides or update existing ones each semester, as needed
    • Bibliographers will check web pages pertaining to their assigned disciplines monthly and ensure that the links are working and up-to-date
    • Technical services will report monthly to bibliographers on new acquisitions and cataloging information
    • Technical Services will collaborate with bibliographers to create quick-link subject lists of online periodicals accessible through Sterling
    • Technical Services will collaborate with bibliographers to expand Sterling into a "meta-catalog"--a comprehensive tool providing a national level of bibliographic description and subject analysis for all accessible academic resources, including links to the best available databases and bibliographic services
    • Bibliographers will report irregularities in Sterling or non-working links in Web records as soon as they are discovered and on a weekly log that is emailed to the Head Cataloger, Systems Administrator or other appropriate library administrators
    • Bibliographers will oversee the annual inventory of selected subsets of the collections in order to replace missing items or request adjustment of Sterling entries
    • The Special Collections Curator will inventory the Pollock Theatre Collection continually and request catalog adjustments for missing items that cannot be replaced 
  • Methods of Assessment
    • Survey Questionnaire (to measure satisfaction/adequacy)
    • Analysis of requests for stack searches, ILL and direct borrowing requests 
  • Use of Findings
    • Order or provide access to publications needed for teaching and research
    • Update Sterling records
    • Update affected Web pages
    • Customer service training 
  • Feedback Channel and Assessment Timeline
    • Bibliographers
    • Library administrators
    • Department chairs and faculty liaisons
    • University Assessment Committee
    • University administrator
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