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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 2

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Department/School/Administrative Unit: University Libraries
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GOAL 2: INFORMATION EMPOWERMENT -- The student's information skills as foundations for life-long learning are developed or enhanced

Intended Educational (Student), Research or Service Outcomes, Administrative Objectives or Expected Results (In this section, clearly articulate the expected results related to each goal. Try to make the objectives results-oriented). It is best to specify the objectives for each goal--e.g., Goal 1 may have two objectives labeled as Objective 1a and Objective 1b)

OBJECTIVE 2a: Patrons receive effective ready reference and consultation assistance 
  • Performance Criteria/Indicators for Success—When seeking information/reference/consultation assistance, the patron experiences the following:
    • Enthusiastic, innovative and courteous service
    • Prompt and effective service 
  • Performance Activities
    • Staff the service point adequately and appropriately
    • Provide electronic reference service for remote users
    • Conduct training to ensure each employee possesses
      • thorough professional knowledge and technical skills
      • excellent communication skills--listening, understanding, and speaking
      • excellent personal qualities 
    • Conduct regular employee appraisals to assess and evaluate performance
    • Communicate with University constituencies about services and collections  (Bibliographers; Webmaster; Systems)
    • Produce print and electronic general and specialized guides to services and resources  (Bibliographers; Webmaster; Systems)
    • Conduct user surveys to assess customer expectations and perception 
  • Methods of Assessment
    • Survey Questionnaire
  • Use of Findings
    • Accelerate training and plan future staff development
    • Revise staffing patterns
    • Test alternative staffing models
    • Adjust recruitment strategy 
  • Feedback Channel and Assessment Timeline
    • Data collected/analyzed quarterly by research assistants
    • Results reported to library administrators, managers,  public service staff
    • External stakeholders (faculty, students, University administrators
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