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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 4

Objectives: 4a | 4b

Department/School/Administrative Unit University Libraries
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Program Title and Degree (if applicable)
GOAL 4: EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION -- Enhanced organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and sustained financial growth

Intended Educational (Student), Research or Service Outcomes, Administrative Objectives or Expected Results (In this section, clearly articulate the expected results related to each goal. Try to make the objectives results-oriented). It is best to specify the objectives for each goal--e.g., Goal 1 may have two objectives labeled as Objective 1a and Objective 1b)

OBJECTIVE 4a: Worksforce is effective, informed and motivated
  • Performance indicators/Indicators for Success 
    • A work environment that fosters team cohesiveness, mutual commitment and cooperation
    • Increased job satisfaction and morale
    • Increaseed cross-training and shared expertise
    • Widespread staff proficiency and awareness of new technologies
    • Continual generation and testing of new ideas
    • Increased staff interest in library programs and presentations
    • Adequate funding and opportunities for training and development
    • Development of training opportunities in supervision and evaluation 
  • Performance Activities 
    • Hold regular staff meetings, special programs, social activities and an annual staff retreat for sharing information and developing community
    • Create library-wide teams and a system for team records management and inter-team communication
    • Encourage active participation, evaluation and leadership opportunities
    • Conduct a needs assessment survey on staff training
    • Develop a program of continuous in-service education
    • Explore job sharing and cross-training
    • Provide workshops in communication, customer service, student supervision and teamwork
    • Create a team to monitor and assess effectiveness of programming
  • Methods of Assessment
    • Surveys to assess satisfaction levels of different categories of end-users
  • Use of Findings 
    • Revise policies and procedures
  • Feedback Channel and Assessment Timeline 
    • Library-faculty assessment committee
    • Library administrators
    • University Assessment Committee
    • University administrators

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