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Library Assessment Plan

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GOAL 1: ACCESS TO INFORMATION -- Patrons informational needs for education, research and service are fully met
  • Objective A:  >  Template
    Patrons have access to resources that adequately support their information needs, regardless of format, time, or location  
  • Objective B:  >  Template
    Patrons use high performance technologies to locate the information they need, regardless of format, time, or location  
  • Objective C:  >  Template
    Patrons obtain information not available at Howard libraries, promptly and with minimum effort
GOAL 2: INFORMATION EMPOWERMENT -- The student's information skills as foundations for life-long learning are developed or enhanced
  • Objective A:  > Template
    Patrons receive effective ready reference and consultation assistance (Satisfaction)
  • Objective B:  >  Template
    First-year students can use finding tools effectively to identify useful resources and locate needed information (learning outcome)
  • Objective C:  >  Template
    Upper-level undergraduates and graduate students completing departmental research methods courses can readily identify appropriate finding tools expeditiously, evaluate information sources and their content critically, and document information content accurately (learning outcome)
  • Objective D:  >  Template
    Students and faculty will acquire advanced skills in searching particular finding tools--Sterling Online Catalog; WWW; specialized databases
    (learning outcome)
GOAL 3: APPROPRIATE ENVIRONMENT -- Presentation and exchange of knowledge and ideas are facilitated by appropriate spaces
  • Objective:  >  Template
    Patrons will experience an inviting, safe, secure and resourceful environment that nurtures creative thinking, productivity and intellectual fulfillment (Satisfaction)
GOAL 4: EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION -- Enhanced organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and sustained financial growth
  • Objective A:  >  Template
    Worksforce is effective, informed and motivated 
  • Objective B:  >  Template
    Library has a financial management strategy


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