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Regan Deonanan

        I have been at Howard University for just under seven months now and it seems like only yesterday that I left home to attend this institution. Already, I have been exposed to many aspects of campus life and the abundance of experiences that they invariably offer. However, of all that has happened thus far, being independent has had the greatest impact on me.
        Independence has had the effect of encouraging me to focus on proper time management. Since I am now responsible for all my bills, meals, supplies and maintenance of personal items, in addition to my academics, I am forced to plan and coordinate all of my activities in an efficient manner, in order to get them all done. I believe that proper time management plays an integral role in attaining success and is something we must all learn. Parallels can be drawn between managing my time now and effectively managing a career later on. For instance, my ability to attend all classes regularly and on time and meet my assignment deadlines is a good indication of how productive I will be in the future. I now have a much greater appreciation of the value of time and feel confident that I can manage the toughest of schedules at any given point in my future.
        Independence has also had the effect of making me more self-sufficient. It has, for example, catalyzed my acquiring of skills such as cooking and doing laundry. Such basic skills are necessary to my survival and well-being and empower me to effectively manage other areas of my life. I believe self-sufficiency is critical to attaining success. At Howard University, I am being trained to assume a position of leadership but I can never hope to manage others if I cannot take care of myself. For me, self-sufficiency has promoted a higher level of responsibility and I have been able to meaningfully apply this attitude to my academics. I know that it can be applied, in the same way, to other aspects of my future as well.
        The most important effect that independence has had on me so far is that I have been able to re-assess myself and my goals. I have been able to get to know myself better in terms of my strengths and weaknesses, the things in which I believe and what I want to achieve in life. These introspective exercises have made me realize that such self-examination is indeed important from time to time. The only constant in life is change. Any rigid plans I might make detailing exactly how I intend to attain my future goals may never be realized due to this ever changing nature of life. I know that I must constantly review where I am and in what direction I must proceed to fulfill my ultimate dreams and ambitions.
        From all that has been discussed, it can be seen that being independent has positively influenced me. All the effects mentioned have had the overall result of making me much more responsible and mature and in so doing, have complemented my academic enlightenment. I look towards the future with confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that I am capable of effectively dealing with any challenge that will arise.

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(First Published in limited print edition, An Anthology of Verse, Prose & Art, by the Composition for Honours Class, Howard University, Spring 2002. Professor E.R. Braithwaite)
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