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Kamari Simpson
Egan, Minnesota - Marketing

I close my eyes and the image of you again floods my thoughts-clouding the reality of my current situation and engulfing me into a world that I literally and physically can only dream of

How is it that something so true and so pure can be so far from the truth?

You are my escape

Yes, I use you

You give me the ability to survive and more importantly, to last

I bring myself into your world so that I might endure another day

I don’t think you know what you do or what you mean, nor do I

All I know is that you are the comfort and solace that I seek

I create you out of broken characteristics and components that I have encountered in individuals throughout the years

Thus, you are perfect, and you are mine

Perhaps it would be better to clarify you, or our relationship as a state, or as an instance, because we both know you are not forever

I am no longer confronted with my daily trials and misfortunes when I slip into this state

I have no worries, no fears and no expectations

Slowly, surely, easily you come and exclude the outside world from our time together

And I let the moments float by
                 Enjoying and cherishing each one as if it were the last; all the while thinking that at any second this bliss will end

Is it wrong to be so caught up in a dream, a phase or moment that it hinders your ability to operate and achieve in the present?

I know so; I am all too familiar with that

So again, I slip out of the mesmerizing daze and return again to normal affairs, the tedious, dramatic, ironic life that is my own

So again, I wait-hoping to return again to the position of which I can let go and be free

I know that it is not right-to deny the life I live while in search of something more beautiful, more picturesque, more
                 “what I want it to be,”
that seems only attainable through imagination

And I also know that it is silly to think something so far away could bring so much clarity and pleasure that is ever so absent from my life

Yet, it is my something and my clarity and thus it is not for everyone to understand, or accept,
                 It is merely my gift that I use to make it

So again, I get myself together and try to function, to perform and then, to do it all over again.

© 2002 Howard University
(First Published in limited print edition, An Anthology of Verse, Prose & Art, by the Composition for Honours Class, Howard University, Spring 2002. Professor E.R. Braithwaite)
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