Guide to Resources on Women in the Processed Manuscript Collections of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center

Prepared by Katharine Salzmann

     This resource guide highlights the Manuscript Division's holdings of material relating to the unique contributions of women to the Black experience. This list is by no means exhaustive. It does, however, provide an annotated overview of the material available within the processed manuscript collections. The italicized entries indicate that the Manuscript Division has a collection of that person's papers. Entries that are not underlined are followed by a see reference to the pertinent collection. The collections are linked to the descriptions for the pertinent manuscript collection.

Adams, Harriet Chalmers
See: Simms Family Papers, 1802-1965
Geographer. Personal papers include correspondence between herself and her husband, Franklin Adams.

Allen, Maryrose, 1899-1967
Papers, 1914-1967
12 linear ft.
Educator and administrator. Documents Allen's career in the fields of physical education and health. School notes from the Sargent School of Physical Education for Women and teaching material from Howard University and Hampton Institute comprise most of the papers.

Ames, Mary
See: Oliver Otis Howard Papers, 1850-1906
Included in the Howard Papers is Ms. Ames' A New England Woman's Diary in Dixie, 1865.

Anderson, Marian, 1902-1993
Papers, 1939-1943
1.5 linear ft.
Singer. Chiefly microfilm of clippings relating to Miss Anderson and the Daughters of the American Revolution Controversy. Also correspondence, speeches, petitions, lists, and reports arising out of the activities of the Marian Anderson Citizens Committee.

Bowser, Elizabeth H.S., d. 1908
See: Bustill-Bowser-Asbury Collection, 1732-1941
Second wife of David Bustill Bowser. Correspondence, receipts, newsclippings, and a folder of "Important Papers." Also included is the 1865 Annual Report of the Ladies Union Association.

Branch, Mary Elizabeth, 1882-1944
Papers, 1909-1948
.5 linear ft.
Educator and college president. Contains biographical data, correspondence, manuscripts, and historical data on her role in the establishment of Tillotson College, Austin, Texas.

Brent, Martha Cromwell
See: Cromwell Family Papers, 1849-1855
Member of the Cromwell Family. Personal papers include a draft of Education for Negroes in the District of Columbia, and material about the Neighborhood Improvement Club.

Burge, R. Louise, 1908-1986
Papers, 1930-1984
8 linear ft.
Vocalist and teacher. Collection reflects Burge's performing career and her teaching career at Howard University.

Carter, Jeannette, 1886-1964
Papers, 1927-196
.5 linear ft.
Journalist and civic leader. Papers reflect some of her activities advocating women s rights, and as founder and president of the National Political Study Club in the Republican Party.

Cary, Mary Ann Shadd, 1823-1893
Papers, 1844-1884
.5 linear ft.
Abolitionist and editor. Correspondence, articles, editorials, reports, printed material, and programs relating to her activities in the U.S. and Canada as editor of the Provincial Freeman, as a strong supporter of women's suffrage, and as an army recruiter.

Consolidated Parent Group, Inc.
Records, 1947-1954
2.5 linear ft.
Washington, D.C. based civic organization. Consists of organization materials, reports, minutes, community activities manuscripts, and printed material relating to members and to the Women's Action Committee.

Anna J. Cooper

Cooper, Anna Julia, 1860-1964
Papers, 1881-1958
5 linear ft.

Educator and author. Includes writings by Anna J. Cooper, biographical data, memorabilia, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, and clippings for her book on the Grimké family. There is some material relating to her tenure as President of Frelinghuysen University, 1930-1941.

Cromwell, Mary E., 1876-1966
See: Cromwell Family Papers, 1849-1955
Member of the Cromwell Family. Personal papers include material documenting the wide variety of organizations she was affiliated with, writings, memorabilia, and travel notes.

Cromwell, Otelia, 1874-1972
See: Cromwell Family Papers, 1849-1955
Writer and member of the Cromwell Family. Personal papers include reviews of her book, Lucretia Mott; printed material, records of the Book and Quill club, Miner Teacher's College, D.C., and over 1000 postcards and reprints of paintings.

Dubois, Shirley, 1896-1977
See: Kwame Nkrumah Papers, 1955-1987
Second wife and widow of W.E.B. DuBois. Collection includes correspondence between Mrs. DuBois and Kwame Nkrumah.

Dunnigan, Alice A., 1906-1983
Papers, 1947-1977
13 linear feet
Journalist, educator, and politician. Correspondence, writings, newspaper clippings, press passes, and invitations highlight the career of the first African American woman journalist accredited to the White House, Senate, and House of Representative Press Corps. The bulk of the material relates to Dunnigan's work as education consultant for the President s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity.

Dykes, Eva B., 1893-1986
Papers, 1914-1977
.25 linear ft.
Educator, author, musician, and church leader. This collection documents the life of the first African American woman to finish the requirements for the Ph.D. degree. It contains several biographical pieces, transcripts from interviews, and correspondence reflecting her devotion to scholarship and to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Included also are articles by and about Dr. Dykes, poetry, promotional announcements for her publications, photographs, and programs of her speaking engagements and music recitals.

Edwards, Lena, 1900-1986
Papers, 1905-1985
5.5 linear ft.
Physician, community activist, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1964. Includes programs, correspondence, certificates, photographs, oral interviews, and writings by and about Dr. Edwards which document her life and career.

Marie Hackney,
Age 90

Egypt, Ophelia Settle, 1903-1984
Papers, 1930-1980
11 linear ft.
Sociologist, oral historian, social worker, educator, and author. Includes photographs, manuscripts, clippings, and correspondence documenting her career.

Evanti, Lillian, 1891-1967
See: Owen Vincent Dodson Papers, 1930-1968
Opera singer. Dodson Papers include a large number of photographs of Ms. Evanti.

Fauset, Crystal Bird, 1893-1965
Papers, 1944-1959
3 linear ft.
Educator, social worker, and civic leader. Scrapbooks document her association with the United Nations Council of Philadelphia, an autobiographical sketch, correspondence, documents, and photographs.

Ferebee, Dorothy Boulding, 1898-1980
Papers, 1919-1980
17 linear feet
Physician, administrator, and activist. Dr. Ferebee served as a professor at the Howard University Medical School and as Director of Howard University's Health Services while she maintained her private medical practice. The bulk of the collection chronicles Dr. Ferebee's work with Alpha Kappa Alpha, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., National Council of Negro Women, D.C. Commission on the Status of Women, and The Women's Institute.

Flippin, Katherine Stewart
See: Stewart-Flippin Family Papers, 1852-1974
Daughter of McCants and Mary Stewart; wife of Robert B. Flippin. Personal papers include correspondence, legal and financial material, and memorabilia.

Frazier, Marie Brown
See: E. Franklin Frazier Papers, 1917-1972
Wife of Sociologist, E. Franklin Frazier. Papers include Mrs. Frazier's correspondence, announcements, and newspaper clippings.

Gilmore, Eliza O. H.
See: Oliver Otis Howard Papers, 1850-1906
Mother of Oliver Otis Howard. Papers include her 1853-1857 correspondence.

Goins, Gregoria Fraser, 1883-1964
Papers, 1843-1962
13.5 linear ft.
Musician. Correspondence, photographs, genealogical material, scrapbooks, notebooks, diaries, clippings, and manuscripts document her career and interests.

Grimké, Angelina Weld, 1880-1958
Papers, 1887-1958
8 linear ft.
Author and educator. Papers contain correspondence, diaries, manuscripts of plays, short stories, poems, and financial papers. Educational material such as lesson outlines, school reports and records, notebooks, and rating sheets document her role as a teacher in the D.C. public school system.

Grimké, Charlotte Forten, 1837-1914
See: Francis James Grimké Papers, 1833-1937
Teacher, writer and poet; wife of Francis James Grimké. Included are diaries (1854-1892) and some of her poetry.

Harrison, Hazel, 1883-1969
Papers, 1900-1950's
4 linear ft.
Concert pianist. Included are correspondence, newsclippings, photographs, concert programs, and music manuscripts.

Hilyer, Amanda Gray
See: Andrew F. Hilyer Papers, 1893-1913
Pharmacist, teacher, and an activist in civic, social, and religious organizations. She was the second wife of Andrew F. Hilyer, and one of the founders of the Phyllis Wheatley YWCA, Washington, D.C. Her personal memorabilia includes a travel journal, correspondence, photographs, and an autograph book.

Hubbard, Charlotte Moton, 1912-
Papers, 1934-1970
3.5 linear ft.
Educator and government employee. Papers arise out of her career in the fields of education and public relations. Included are biographical materials about Mrs. Hubbard and her father, Robert Russa Moton; correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, printed material, and manuscripts.

Hughes, Revella, 1895-1987
Papers, 1909-1987
1.5 linear ft.
Jazz and classical pianist/organist known professionally as Carmella Desche. Papers include programs, newspaper clippings, phonograph recordings, correspondence, and a scrapbook.

Hunt, Ida Gibbs, 1862-1957
See: William Henry Hunt Papers, 1898-1941
Teacher, Pan-Africanist, civil rights leader, and wife of Diplomat and U.S. Consul to Tamafare, William Henry Hunt. Papers include her correspondence.

Hurston, Zora Neale, 1901?-1960
See: Alain L. Locke Papers, 1841-1954
Author, folklorist, and anthropologist. The Locke papers contain correspondence among Hurston, Locke, and Charlotte Mason, as well as drafts of several of her writings including Barracoon, Black Death, and From Sun to Sun.

Johnson, Georgia Douglas, 1877-1966
Papers, 1930's-1960's
5 linear ft.
Poet, lyricist, and playwright. Consists of drafts of Johnson's poetry and writing. Also included are correspondence and photographs.

Joiner, Laura E.
See: William A. Joiner Papers, 1866-1950
1903 graduate of Howard University Medical School; sister of educator, lawyer, William Joiner. Papers include her 1899-1900 diary, correspondence, and school papers.

Jones, Matilda Sissieretta Joyner "Black Patti", 1869-1933
See: Carl R. Gross Collection 1856-1966
Dramatic soprano. Biography included in the Gross Collection.

Kittrell, Flemmie P., 1904-1980
Papers, 1924-1980
11.5 linear feet
Home Economist, and educator. Correspondence, writings, photographs, printed material, and affiliated organizations document the accomplishments of Dr. Kittrell in the field of Home Economics at Howard University and abroad.

Lai, Carlotta Stewart
See: Stewart-Flippin Family Papers, 1852-1974
Educator who served forty years in developing the public education system in Hawaii; daughter of T. McCants Stewart. Papers include correspondence, financial material, memorabilia, and photographs.

Locke, Mary Hawkins
See: Alain L. Locke Papers, 1841-1954
Mother of educator, author, and critic, Alain Locke. Papers include correspondence between herself and her husband, Pliney Locke (1869-1882), and with her son. There is also material documenting her teaching career, her obituary, school grades, and travel notes.

Lovett, Louise
See: Edward Lovett Papers, 1932-1977
Drama teacher, playwright. Papers include her writings for her master's thesis, Northwestern University.

Marshall, Harriet Gibbs, 1869-1941
See: Washington Conservatory of Music, Washington, D.C., 1887-1966
Founder of the Washington Conservatory of Music. Papers include material relating to Ms. Marshall's book, The Story of Haiti. Included are correspondence, financial papers, photographs, scrapbooks, legal files, and printed material.

Mason, Charlotte [Mrs. R. Osgood]
See: Alain L. Locke Papers, 1841-1954
Correspondence between Ms. Mason and Alain Locke (1927-1945), and with Zora Neale Hurston (1930-1933); notebooks.

Milne, June
See: Kwame Nkrumah Papers, 1955-1987
Secretary and executrix of Kwame Nkrumah's estate. The collection includes some of her personal correspondence and records she used to write Kwame Nkrumah: The Conakry Years: His Life and Letters.

Mitchell, Abbie, 1884-1960
See: Mercer Cook Papers, 1890-1985
Singer and actress; wife of composer, Will Marion Cook; mother of scholar and diplomat, Mercer Cook. Correspondence, programs, autobiographical writings, photographs, and a cassette recording document her theatrical career that spanned over fifty years.

Murray, Anna Evans
See: Daniel Alexander Payne Murray Collection, 1872-1937
Wife of bibliographer, Daniel Murray. Mrs. Murray's correspondence (1908-1937) and legal papers (1899-1937) document her standing as one of Washington, D.C.'s social elite.

Murray, Laura Hamilton
See: Freeman H.M. Murray Papers, 1883-1916
Wife of publisher, author, and civil rights activist, Freeman H.M. Murray. Collection includes her diary dated February 7, 1885 - February 17, 1886.

Murray, Pauli, 1910-1985
Papers, 1943-1944
.5 linear ft. (photocopies)
Lawyer, author, educator, and civil rights activist. Biographical data, letters, reports, minutes, notes on tactics, address lists, press releases, newspaper clippings, and notes relating to the activities of the Civil Rights Committee.

Camille Nickerson in
costume from the
Louise Burge Papers

Nickerson, Camille, 1882-1982
Papers, 1927-1970's
10 linear ft.

Musician, composer, and administrator. Much of this collection reflects Nickerson's work with Creole music. Correspondence, writings, programs, photo-graphs, and music compositions detail Nickerson's life as a performer and composer.

Pool, Rosey Eve, 1905-1971
Papers, 1959-1967
1.25 linear ft.

Editor, author, translator, and critic. Correspondence, as well as biographical sketches, poems, clippings, and programs.

Reynolds, Anita Thompson Dickinson, 1901-1980
Papers, 1850-1980
9 linear ft.
Psychologist, art instructor, actress, model, and dancer. Correspondence, articles, manuscripts, and printed material document her life in Europe and the Virgin Islands.

Ridley, Florida Ruffin
See: Ruffin Family Papers, 1832-1936
Daughter of George Lewis Ruffin. Papers include clippings, manuscripts, and correspondence.

Slowe, Lucy Diggs, 1883-1937
Papers, 1919-1943
6 linear ft.
Educator, administrator, civic leader, and first Dean of Women at Howard University. The bulk of the material covers the years 1922-1937, the period when Ms. Slowe was at Howard University. Also included are correspondence, speeches, articles, photographs, and clippings.

Spaulding, Myra L. Papers, 1892-1922
.5 linear ft.
Educator and researcher. Consists of correspondence with family, friends, and business relations.

Myrtle Young
and her Rays
Spiller Family Papers

Spiller, Isabele Taliaferro, 1888-1974
Papers, ca. 1906-1954
3 linear ft.

Musician and music educator. Photographs, publicity, and programs document her activities as teacher of music and as a member, from 1912-1926, of "The Musical Spillers. Also included is biographical material relating to the Taliaferro and Spiller families.

Spingarn, Amy
See: Joel Elias Spingarn Papers, 1905-1967
Wife of Joel E. Spingarn. Papers include correspondence between Mrs. Spingarn and her husband, her daughter, and Langston Hughes; programs, photographs, and a sketch by Mrs. Spingarn of Langston Hughes.

Staupers, Mabel Eloise Doyle Keaton, 1890-1989
Papers, ca. 1937-1970
1 linear ft.
Nurse. Correspondence, photographs, printed material, clippings, biographical data, reports, and press releases document her efforts towards the integration of African American nurses into the broad national field of professional nursing.

Stewart, Mary Delia Weir
See: Stewart-Flippin Family Papers, 1852-1974
Elocutionist and wife of McCants Stewart. Papers include biographical material and correspondence.

Terrell, Mary Church, 1863-1954
Papers, 1888-1976
11.5 linear ft.
Lecturer, author, and civil rights activist. Family papers of T.T. Church, Robert H. Terrell, and Phyllis Terrell; writings by and about Mary Church Terrell, printed material, and artifacts. Included are letters from others to Mrs. Booker T. Washington concerning the International Council of the Women of the Darker Races.

Tibbs, Marie Young
See: LeRoy Tibbs Collection, 1921-1949
Actress and wife of nightclub entertainer, LeRoy Tibbs. The collection consists of three scrapbooks containing letters, photographs, printed material, and other memorabilia documenting both LeRoy and Marie Young Tibbs' theatrical careers.

Waring, Elizabeth Avery
See: Julius Waties Waring Papers, ca.1841-1964
Integrationist and wife of Federal District Judge and civil rights activist, Judge Julius Waties Waring. Papers include writings by and about Mrs. Waring, correspondence, hate and fan mail, programs, and financial material.

Reproduction of a
watercolor of
Marian Anderson by
Laura Wheeler Waring

Waring, Laura Wheeler, 1887-1948
See: Walter Everett Waring Papers
Portraitist, wife of Walter Waring. Papers include a gallery guide, correspondence, an original watercolor, and printed reproductions of some of her portraits.

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