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Art and Artists

Minnehaha and Hiawatha (1869).
Marble busts by Edmonia Lewis,
(1845?-?), sculptor.


Diamond Mining.
Kimberly, S. Africa.
Stereograph, Keystone View Company.
Coal Miners

George's Antique Shop
[George Deburmere, proprietor]

Civil War

Lewis H. Douglass,
son of Frederick Douglass


Nicholas Brothers;
Faynard (1914- ) and
Harold (c. 1921- ), c. 1930's


Mrs. [Mary McLeod] Bethune
pins medal on Captain of the
Winning Co. High School Cadets.
Photograph by Robert McNeill
Violin Class. Mr. H. Rodgers, Teacher.
Spiller School of Music, 1936.

John F. Cook School Building,
Washington, D.C. Started 1834.

Family and Lifestyle

Woman in wedding gown.

Government and Politics

Black Legislators: H.R. Revels, James T. Rapier,
B.K. Bruce, J.H. Rainey, John R. Lynch

The First Colored Senator and Representatives.
In the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States.
Seated: H.R. Revels, Benjamen S. Turner, Josiah T. Walls,
Joseph H. Rainy, R. Brown Elliot
Standing: Robert C. De Large, Jefferson H. Long

The Georgetown Election - The Negro at the Ballot Box


National Bar Association


Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784), Poet.
First black and second woman to publish a book (1773).


Tuskegee Airmen. Group Photo.
Soldier in World War I.


Anna Madah Hyers, c. 1856-1930s,
Soprano. Along with sister, Emma
Louise, formed the Hyers Sisters.
The Musical Spillers.


Frederick Douglass
Charles Hamilton Houston and
parents, William and Mary.


YMCA, Atlanta Business
Men's Club, 1920.
YMCA, Philadelphia S.W. Branch.
Boys ready for hike.

Carnival Scene


Sale of Estates, Pictures and Slaves in the Rotunda,
New Orleans


Archery Class

Washington, D.C.

President Roosevelt laying the
cornerstone for the 12th Street
YMCA, 1908.
[Glass lantern slide]

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