Alphabetical List of Processed Collections

Alphabetical list of Processed Manuscript Collections

Adams, Cato W.
Aggrey, J. E. Kwegyir
Allen, Maryrose
Anderson, Marian
Anne Cooke Collection of Theater Material
Auzenne, Gustav
Balloch, George W.
Beecher Family
Bethel Literary and Historical Association, Wash., D.C.
Blackburn Family
Bragg, George Freeman
Branch, Mary Elizabeth
Brawley, Benjamin Griffith
Bruce, Blanche Kelso
Bruce, Roscoe Conklin, Sr.
Burch, Charles Eaton
Burge, R. Louise
Bustill-Bowser-Asbury Family
Caliver, Ambrose
Carrington, C. Glenn
Carter, Art
Carter, Jeannette
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd
Cassell, Albert
Chapman, Charles Edward
Christopher, Arthur
Civil Rights Documentation Project Vertical File Collection
Clarke, Thomas H.R.
Clarkson, Thomas
Cobb, James Adlai
Consolidated Parent Group, Inc.
Cook, George William
Cook, Will Mercer
Cook Family
Cooke, Anne Collection of Theater Material
Cooper, Anna Julia
Cromwell Family
Dabu Gizenga Collection on Kwame Nkrumah
Daniel, A. Mercer
Davidson, Eugene C.
Davidson, Shelby J.
Davis, John W.
Desdunes, Pierre-Aristide
Dickey, Robert J., Jr.
Dodson, Owen Vincent
Dorsey, Thomas and William
Douglass, Frederick
Downing, George T.
Drew, Charles R.
Du Bois, W. E. B.
Dumas, Alexandre
Dunnigan, Alice A.
Dykes, Eva B.
Edwards, Lena
Egypt, Ophelia Settle
Fauset, Crystal B.
Ferebee, Dorothy Boulding
Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church, Wash.,D.C.
First Congregational Church, Wash., D.C.
Frazier, E. Franklin
Goins, Gregoria F.
Gregory, Thomas Montgomery
Grimké, Angelina W.
Grimké, Archibald H.
Grimké, Francis J.
Gross, Carl R.
Harper, Solomon
Harris, Abram L.
Harrison, Hazel
Hayes, George E.C.
Henderson, Edwin B.
Hill, John H.
Hilyer, Andrew F.
Himes, Chester B.
Hobson Normal Institute, Parsons, Kansas
Home for Destitute Colored Children, Philadelphia,Pa.
Houston, Charles H.
Howard, Andrew J.
Howard, Oliver O.
Howard University Men and Women in the Armed Forces
Hubbard, Charlotte M.
Hughes, Revella
Hunt, William H.
Jenkins-Montgomery Family
Johnson, Campbell C.
Johnson, Georgia Douglas
Johnson, Joseph L.
Johnson, Mordecai
Joiner, William A.
Jones, Louia V.
Just, Ernest E.
Kinsley, Edward W.
Kittrell, Flemmie P.
Langston, John M.
Langworthy, Charles F.
Lane, Layle
Lewis, Thomas N.
Lochard, Metz T. P.
Locke, Alain L.
Logan, James R.
Logan, Rayford W.
Lovett, Edward
Loving, Walter Howard
Lucas, Townsend
Martin, Charles W.
Maryland War Bounty
Matzeliger, Jan E.
Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church
Miller, Kelly
Mizell, Alfonce and Freddie Perren
Moorland, Jesse Edward
Murray, Daniel Alexander Payne
Murray, Freeman Henry, Morris
Murray, Pauli
Murray, Peter Marshall
Mu-So-Lit Club
Nickerson, Camille
Nkrumah, Kwame
Prattis, P.L.
N.A.A.C.P., D.C. Branch
Omnium Gatherum (OG)
Parker, Theodore
Payne, Daniel Alexander
Pinchback, P.B.S.
Pool, Rosey Eve
Prometheans, Inc.
Rankin, Jeremiah E.
Ransom, Leon
Rapier Family
Razaf, Andy
Reynolds, Anita Thompson Dickinson
Rillieux, Norbert
Robeson, Paul and Eslanda Collection
Ruffin Family
Settle, Josiah T.
Sidney Hollander Foundation
Simms Family
Slowe, Lucy Diggs
Smith, Gerrit
Spaulding, Asa T.
Spaulding, Myra L.
Spiller, Isabele Taliaferro
Spingarn, Arthur B.
Spingarn, Joel E.
Starr, Frederick
Staupers, Mabel E.
Stewart-Flippin Family
Storer College, Harper's Ferry
Strong, Edward E.
Summers, Henry H.
Swanson, Gregory H.
Tappan, Lewis
Terrell, Mary Church
Thomas Jefferson Genealogical Collection
Tibbs, LeRoy
Trenholm, H. Councill
Turner, Henry M.
Turner, Sara A.
Turner, Thomas W.
Tyson, James G.
U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War
Van Vechten, Carl
Ware, Charles P.
Waring, J. Waties
Washington, Booker T.
Washington Conservatory of Music, Wash.,D.C.
Waters, Enoch P.
West, Charles
Whipper, Leigh R.
White, Jacob C.
Williams, Daniel Hale
Woodson, Carter G.
Works Progress Administration
Wright, James C.
Wright, Louis T.
Young, Ralph J.

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