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Howard University Jazz Ensemble (HUJE)
In Performance: HUJE 2012

Fred Irby, III, Music Director

01 |

Herbie Hancock/Bennie Maupin/Jean Hancock / Arr. Joe Wright / Shacara Rogers, vocalist; Samuel Prather, piano.

02 |

Sister Cheryl
Tony Williams / Arr. Joe Wright / Ashton Bryce Vines, soprano saxophone; Rick Peralta, electric guitar; Joseph Wilson, piano.

03 |

Buhaina, Buhaina
Ray Brown /Arr. Scott Silbert / Dedicated to Art Blakey aka Abdullah Ibn Buhaina / Samuel Prather, piano; Eliot Seppa, acoustic bass.

04 | Journey of a Friend
Evelyn Simpson Curenton, Commissioned by the HUJE in honor of Ms. Dianne Nichole Grainger (1984-2009) / Victor Younge, field drum; Brittany Nicole Jiles, chimes and orchestra bells.
05 |

Moment's Notice
John Coltrane / Arr. Rob Lussier / Elijah Balbed, tenor saxophone; Samuel Prather, acoustic piano; Cedric Edmon II, drums.

06 |

Carnival di Panama
Samuel Prather / Samuel Prather, piano.

07 | Sweet Love
Anita Baker/Louis Johnson/Gary Bias / Arr. Mike Crotty / Rick Peralta, electric guitar; Elijah Balbed, tenor saxophone; Eliot Seppa, electric bass.
08 | Peace
Horace Silver / Arr. Mike Crotty / Ashton Bryce Vines, alto saxhophone; Samuel Prather, piano.
09 | UnconTainable
Samuel Prather / Elijah Balbed, tenor saxophone; Samuel Prather, piano.
10 | Good Bait
Todd Dameron, Vocalese lyrics by Rochelle Rice based on Allen Easger tenor saxophone solo / Rochelle Rice, vocalist; Eliot Seppa, acoustic bass.
11 | It's Easy to Remember (and So Hard to Forget)
Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart / Arr. Rob Lussier / Dedicated to Alonzo James Guyton (1986-2011) / Rick Peralta, electric guitar.
12 | Festive Minor
Gerry Mulligan / Arr. Ron Horton / Jared Bailey, trumpet; Rick Peralta, electric guitar; Isaiah David Allen, tenor saxophone.

All Performances © Howard University Jazz Ensemble.
Conversion to MP3 and website update: Mohamed Mekkawi.
By permission of Fred Irby III, Posted April 27, 2013.
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Journey of a Friend is in memory of Dianne Nichole Grainger, a beautiful black woman, an accomplished percussionist and a graduate of Howard University. The melodies, featuring various percussion instruments, are symbolic of her life's journey. The first theme, "Finlandia," is a trumpet chorale that represents the voice of eternity that is present from birth. "Dianne's Theme," played by the saxophones, personifies her spirituality, peaceful nature, confidence and courage. In "Dundy Hymn Tune," the French horn and trombones represent the constant beckoning of the voice of eternity. Finally, a dissonant jazz motif portrays a feisty musician's spirit, enjoying life; not ready to join the great beyond. Eventually, the spirit gives way to the call of eternity.

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