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Publications: Creative Afternoons

Kadoro Klassics Project
Creative Afternoons
Volume I: A Teacher/Parent Activity Workbook
on the Lives and Music of Early Baroque Composers

Critical Listening and Evaluation
Get to Know the Composer (PDF)
The Listening Circle Instruction
My Listening Circle Activity (PDF)


The Listening Circle of Instructions (p.69)

Teacher/Parent Notes

Step One

Music is the expression of a combination of many thoughts, emotions, and reflections, and these can be utilized to encourage students to creatively express their own thoughts, feelings and ideas when listening to a piece of music.

The Listening Circle activity promotes the skills of aural concentration as it creatively enhances the awareness of comparison and contrast. This activity lists descriptive and contrasting adjectives that are appropriate for many of the pieces on the Creative Afternoons CD. Images have been
provided to help enhance the idea of different temperaments.

During the designated listening time, play the following pieces from Creative Afternoons one at a

Minuet in D Minor, by Jean-Baptiste Lully (Track 21)
Trumpet Tune, by Henry Purcell (Track 18)
Carnival Scene, by François Couperin (Track 25)

Step Two

To further sharpen analytical listening skills for this activity, listen to a number of pieces from the CD
with the students, and ask them to identify songs that either match the temperament or are the
opposite temperament of the pieces by Lully, Purcell, and Couperin in Step One of the activity.

Extension Activity

For a variation on the activity, provide the students with extra paper and encourage them to draw
their own pictorial representations of the temperaments they identified in the pieces by Lully, Purcell,
and Couperin.

Definition of Musical Terms

Temperament—refers to the character or mood of the piece.
Example: The song “Happy Birthday” has a temperament that is joyful.

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