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Go on the Internet Tour and pass the Internet Test.

For extra practice, use the Web Tutorial from Montgomery County..

If you want background information about how computers work, take Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults.

Read and discuss Lawrence Magid's article, "Teen Safety on the Information Highway" .

Then go to the PBS site to "Get Your Web License" .

Type the URL for the free E-mail service:

Fill in the requested information.

Once you have your account, write a message to your counselor or to Dr. Wright at Write about  how you celebrate your favorite holiday.

Optional:  If you are curious about the pros and cons of WEB TV, see the following articles:
Web TV What Is It? and  What You Can't Do with WebTV

If you plan to stick with your personal computer and need to know how to get files from the Internet, see My First Download.
Before you download, however,  see the tips for "Avoiding Viruses."

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